Hats off to the Cats

Well, even I have to tip my hat to last night's performance. To name a few -Maas was better than average; Lumsden was awesome; Zeke destroyed; and Beveridge has found his spot. The scary thing is that the score could have been worse, minus the stupid penalties. If this team could play more disciplined, I can see them turning the season around. The call on Anderson was somewhat of an over-reaction but I wonder how the coaching staff will deal with it. It's nice to see that Cats coming on. It will make for an interesting game come Labour Day. My only criticism –The crowd has got to make some more noise to take the other teams “O? off their game.

I can't tell you how nice it is to see you type positive things.

Now you have forced me to rethink your troll status :wink:

Enjoy it!

Lumsden's running last night was amazing. I was bartending and it was Karaoke night and when he had his first big run. I burried those who were singing...The second time the whole placed turned around and watched the replay. Man that was awesome.

Way to play the game Jesse

Wow you have just restored my faith in miracles. :wink: lol.

It WAS a great game.