Hats off to Taffe!

Props to Coach Taffe for comming in to a difficult situation and making it better. So far I'd say he's been our best off-season aqusition.

Apart from his handling of Corey Holmes (i.e. not using him at slotback), I have had no qualms with Charlie save his 2-point arithmetic at B.C. Place. It's nice to see Charles in Charge, football version. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Taffe is doing a great job. Nick Setta is saying that there are no team "Viruses", and i think that that is a great improvement from last year, when i think there were plagued. I think we are going to be extremeley sucsessful in the second half of the season, and I have a stong feeling we are going to make the playoffs! :smiley:

While I would like to agree with you, I think that the euphoria of actually winning a game may be blurring people's opinions about where this season is going. If they win two of the next three games, then I'll agree, the situation is looking good. If not, I hope that finally people will realize that Maas has had enough chances to prove himself.

See Gardisten.. THIS is what you do.. you troll from post to post looking for any positive thoughts or comments and post you negative spin on it, frankly I'm quite tired of it.

I cannot go to ANY post in here that may be of the positive nature without finding you. It makes it REAL effin hard for me to read this forum.

I am an optimistic person by nature and prefer to look at the POSITIVE side of things and I can't do that.


Gee, G-sten you got spanked in two threads at once…

What's really funny is that he turned a Taaffe thread into a Maas thread.

Taaffe has put together a great offense. I kind of like the fact that he limits Jesse's touches when he's having big games. I would prefer it if he'd give him more when they're grinding it out though.

What I'm referring to is keeping Jesse healthy while still keeping him productive.

You can definitely see the difference between this year and last year's offense.

So true Pseudo, Taaffe has a strong hold on the reigns of this team and making sure he is guiding it HIS way and so far to me it looks like everyone is buying into his system, now if he can find a way to stop the foolish penalties, there will be no stopping us!

It is very encouraging to see a long absent structure of a football organization starting to take shape, and the dividends will surely follow. I am optimistic once all of the player pieces are put into place, we will be very competitive. The "troll" is however correct that one game does not make a season, and with the next 2 games on the road (Edm / Mon), we will be in very tough to not sink to 1-7. I would very much like to be 3-4 going into Labour Day, but I am certainly not counting on it. Although I like what I see from Mr. Taffe, the pro game is still about wins.

it would be impossible for us to go into labour day 3-4 since we will have played 8 games..so i am guessing u mean 3-5

but anyways..

those 2 road games are very winnable

the eskimos are struggling and have 4 good players that wont be playing against us

also montreal is only 3-3 because they faced toronto twice without micheal bishop

yea i no we lost to montreal at home...but we are a different team now

i feel that we have a really good chance of going into labour day 3-5 with tons of confidence and hype and would expect a big and loud crowd

Taaffe and his coaching staff have made great advancements in 6 games. I guess they had to be together for awhile much like the players to become a cohesive team.

I commented after the Argo game and the Montreal game (I sit behind the bench)that I saw a coaching staff that seemed confused sending in plays, poor clock management, and assistant coaches arguing amongst themselves and with players.

Did not see any signs of this the other night. They ran a tight game and interacted very well with the players. Good play calling and clock management.

Now, if just the penalties would disappear!

I have to agree with G-sten with what he meant rather than what he wrote.

Before you flame me, I'm as happy as anyone else that we won our first game.

BUT: it is only one game, and penalties and other mistakes will still cost us unless the coach does whatever coaches do in these situations.

We do have the potential to shoot the moon, but realize we are 1 - 5 rather than 1 - 0. I think it would be fair for us to see the results of Edmonton and Montreal before we beatify Taffe.

The main place I see improvement in the 07 team is they have a lot less two and outs on offense. This was a big problem the last few years. Taaffe and Working seem to have a good idea on how to keep the O productive.

Sorry, but you're totally mischaracterizing the nature of my posting, and the fact that you--and several others--feel that they have the right to make such blatantly ignorant and falacious comments and then cry "troll" when I respond is really pathetic.

If you "cannot go to ANY post in here that may be of the positive nature without finding you" then why am I not "negative" posting on threads dealing with players like Lumsden, Setta, Moreno, Chang, Bauman, to name but a few. Is it because I happen to feel that these guys are great players? Do I have to constantly gush about them in order to meet your criteria for being non-"troll"?

Obviously when a team is 0-5 someone who is a realist such as myself is going to get a little frustrated, and the posts are going to deal more with the "negatives" because the "negatives" are the things that have been causing the losses? Sorry, but I'm not going to be blindly optimistic about a situation like this, certainly not because they finally managed to win a game. Like I said, if they win two of the next three games I will agree that things are starting to look better. If you're such a big optimist shouldn't this signify something to you?

I agree that one victory does not a Grey Cup winner make when the team has lost the previous five. We SHOULD have won two or three of the previous games. 4 and 2 is a LOT better than 1 and 5. The team has shown constant improvement over all the games.

One thing I like about Coach Taaffe is that he shows no qualms about benching players. Both Karikari (beat on the first Winnipeg TD) and Woodard (too many holding calls) were benched in the last game. Karikari had to come back in to play CB, but I feel that Donnelly played well in place of Woodard.

The players will soon get the message.

I think Taffe is an excellent coach. You can feel the potential in this team and they are back in it. Coach Taffe has finally turned the corner with the Cats.

Great point sigpig, that is a real feather in the coach’s cap that he doesn’t shy away from taking action like that when it’s necessary.

I just wish they’d do the same with my team (Mudge has been dreadful at LT but they’ve left him in there for SIX games so far…hopefully that’s about to change). So major kudos to your coach for doing what has to be done.

I do think the Cats have a good chance to win their next two. Edmonton is badly banged up and remember that’s a stadium where Maas has always performed well.

Then you go to Montreal, and I have serious doubts about my team this year, so if you go to Montreal on a 2 game winning streak, making it three in a row is not outside the realm of possibilities.