Hats Off To Ryan Bomben

In the course of a few weeks has gone from TE to RG to LT.

Last night when Ola went down in the 2nd half he had to move from RG to LT, arguably the most important o-line position, and never having played it before. Barrette had to come in at RG.

It wasn`t perfect, but hats off also to line coach Frank Verducci for making it mostly work on short notice.

Definitely hats off to Ryan along with Kristian Matte and Anthony Barrette; while most of us have be critical of Jim Popp,for not selecting WR's in the last CFL drafts, he also deserves congratulations for the selections/drafting of OL; I doubt that other CFL teams could lose 3 NIP OL and can replace them by 3 NIP OL.

Better days are ahead since some injured players- Calvillo,Bourke,London and Whitaker offensively- will/should return. I don't expect Kyries Hebert to return for next game.


The only problem is that the better the young OL play the further they climb up Ottawa's list. Hopefully Popp can "re-distribute" some of the surplus for picks, or to Ottawa for expansion draft "arrangements".