Hats off to Roberts

I hate to say it, but hats off to Charles Roberts. I alsolutely HATED watching him dismantle my Gades last night!!! I'm feelin' blue this morning :cry: I'm losing hope for Ottawa. Bomber fans can walk with pride today.

I've always said Roberts is the best back in the league....he proves it even with a last place team.......he's going to set records for the Bombers which will last for years to come....and it's too bad we don't have as much talent on D....but I'm kinda getting to like Gavin Walls...this kid is a keeper... :wink:

Great game!! I remember being there when Willard Reeves set the record with 221 yds rushing against Ottawa back in '84 (I think it was '84), and now seeing Roberts setting another record for the Blue and Gold is just as impressive. I guess Ottawa is our good luck charm or something...lol. We started their 3 game losing skid and now made it 4. Thanks Ottawa...and WAY TO GO ROBERTS AND THE REST OF THE BOMBERS!!

if winnipeg had a REAL kicker ( not that bum, westwod ) who could put points on the board, they'd have a better record than they do now!!

I agree....in 5 of our 9 losses, we've lost by a touchdown or less. We could just as easily be at 9 and 4.

that's really the FIRST & MAIN change the bombers should make for the 2006 season ( hopefuly they can avoid the injuries next year )...a DIFFERENT kicker....any other additions after that would be adding depth to a team screwed over by a crappy kicker....Brazzel's helped them out with depth BIG time!!!

so, new kicker and maybe 2 key-free-agent signings, and winnipeg has a good shot at hosting a playoff game next year.

like djmc2003 said....if it wasn't for westwood, the bombers could be 9-4 instead of 4-9

Can Ryan place kick at all?


What can I say, he is the best RB in the league, desbite the fact that Winnipeg has a bad recond.

[quote="kk28"]Can Ryan place kick at all?[/quote

He must have some troubles kicking field goals in practice, at the very least you could putt him in for the 35 and plus attempts, it's almost a sure miss for Longhair at that distance.

Roberts is the best Rb the Bomber's ever had, even better than Mac herron

NO WAY.............GERRY JAMES..........and....... LEO LEWIS............ :wink: :lol: :smiley:

Roberts does it again....4 straight seasons with 1,000+ yards. You're the man, Charlie! We're 19-2 when Mr.Roberts runs over 100 yards. Keep it up!