Hats off to Onrea Jones for the gutsy catch

I thought Jones' effort and toughness recovering the onside kick was one of the best plays I've seen from a Ticat all year. Shame it will be overshadowed by the events that came afterward.

Honestly, it shouldn't have come down to the onside catch.

Helluva catch. Helluva drive. Helluva way to lose!

As well as his five kickoff returns for 177 yards. Could easily be the ST player of the week.

I could not agree more. That was one of the best efforts I have seen on any football team in any league for a long long time.

Kudos also to Congi for a perfectly placed kick. The fact that they had to go the the review to make sure it went the full ten yards says it all. But definitely Jones deserves the credit for coming down with it. Great leap.


The onside kick was perfect.

Onrea Jones sacrificied his body to go up and get the ball.

As much as I hate losing, I do feel bad for the players. They left it all on the field last night.

Great kick, but even before the TSN goon mentioned it, I wondered about how Congi lined up to kick off. It looked like he started his approach on the Calgary side of the ball. Anyone here know whether the rulebook allows that? Technically, is the kicker allowed to cross the line as long he’s on his own side when he touches the ball? As you say, it was amazing ball placement: not only in direction, but in height/distance as well…

I've definitely seen kickers line up like that for onside kicks before without getting a penalty, so it must be legal. Can't recall if I've seen it on both sides of the border or not, so I'm not sure if it's allowed just in Canada or in all football.

I totally agree with that.

Everything that this team did to get themselves back into it, with the late TD, the successful onside kick, and getting themselves to the Calgary 23 yard line, was impressive. But it turned out making the loss all the more heartbreaking.

It did seem like it was over when this team found itself in the situation it was in before it got its last TD. It looked like it as over when Burris overthrew Stala in the end zone on the two point convert attempt after that. But this team did not give up. Of course, the team did lose in the end. But like I said in another thread, this Ticat team was not even supposed to have a chance of winning in Calgary.