Hats off to Lonie and Renegades for signing Hebert.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Kudos to Lonie et al for signing Kyres Hebert. Now, make sure to get K. Banks,Kerry Joseph and a new O-Line . Good work. 8)

This is good....very very good. And a sign that this group is serious about winning. Cant wait for the free-agency period!

Now sign Ranek and Suisham!

Very good signing....

Excellent signing, now if they can get KB 24's name on a contract, that would be excellent, as well as Ranek.

If they get Korey's name on a contract, I will shave my head for opening game... Quote it, remember it, cause I'll do it if it happens. There's no way he's going to stay. He's NFL bound I hate to say it. As much as I love him, he's probably gone...

hes already out there looking at prospective teams as we speak....
sad to see him go if he does

Yeah I would love to see him back. One person I do NOT want to see back is Kerry Joseph.

There's been some talk of a trade between Ottawa and Saskatchewan with Joseph and Kenton Keith being involved.
Signing Hebert was a good move by Ottawa as he is an impact player but 150,000 a year sounds a little high unless there is going to be some more TV money coming from the US broadcasts. It might have been better to announce that he had resigned and just say terms of the contract were not released keeping with club policy. That's what most teams say anyway.