Hats off to DesLauriers

The much maligned Eric DesLauriers makes 2 clutch receptions on the last drive, including the play-of-the-game catch on a Hail Mary pass.

Maybe Popp was right and the guy's a fair player, after all. Maybe he's not a bad fit at NI receiver.

I'm happy that he contributed last night, but one game doesn't make up for five years of suck.

I agree it doesn't mean he is on the verge of stardom, but with AC getting all the reps for years, if he didn't have chemistry with him that might impact how he has looked. 4 receptions for 101 yards is a good start, and he clearly was on the same page as Marsh. Makes sense as the two have likely spent the year on the scout team and maybe even worked together on the side to get reps. With all the injuries, he may get some games to allow a roster shift elsewhere. If he can't prove to be consistent, then they need to look for a couple of reliable non-import receivers (slots and WRs).

True, but when playing with AC, it wasn't a question of chemistry. He never got open, and when he did, he never came down with the ball. The kind of contested catches he made last night? He NEVER made catching passes from AC. And at his age (early '30s), he is what he is. He's not going to suddenly become a game-breaker. But yeah, if he build some decent chemistry with Marsh and help us squeak into the playoffs, then at least he's doing something and not just being a decoy out there on offense...

Deslauriers plays short and always has his arms at waist height. You duplicate that same exact throw 100 times and I doubt he comes down with the ball more than 2 or 3 times.

Having said that he's having his first good moment since 2007 the year Popp was his coach. Maybe its a confidence thing...

He's actually had a few such moments.

2010 grey cup. maybe the key play of the whole game on special teams to keep a drive going.

  1. caught AC's record-breaking TD pass against Toronto

Those were the only ones in a winning cause.

In a losing cause you got the 2011 east semi TD and a few regular season games in 2011-12 where he would make that one big catch. His moments are few and far between so they always get our attention while as SJ Green has so many you lose count.

Tough to be a game changer when he was seldom a game target. Always felt he got a bad and insulting rap.
Congrats to him

A few top WR's out and rookie QB who will look to any receiver, Deslauriers was a lot more involved.. you could see in his eyes he felt part of the action, it makes all the difference.
When you're just running routes all night knowing you'll be lucky to see the ball at all.. it's harder to get confident & in a rhythm.

He made a great catch right after the long Marsh to Carter throw.. leading to our 1st TD. Right then I knew he was on that night, and yes while he's driven us crazy with all the drops.. he has had quite a few clutch moments too, in all fairness it must be said.