Hats off to Danny McManus

:thup: Best wishes to Danny Mac- a classy guy who gave fans in the CFL some great thrills. I still recall his touchdown pass in the snow in Calgary to Darren Flutie to beat Doug Flutie's Stamps in the last seconds. You were a great ambassodor for the CFL Danny- Best wishes and good luck!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Ugh, I watched that highlight on youtube a while ago and STILL couldn't believe it ... :cry:

But he's a great guy, and it will be good to have him in the TSN booth.

Danny Mac was a class act.
And he liked rubbing shoulders with the fans at every Grey Cup I’ve been to, so he should make a good media guy.

Thanks and good luck!

In '92 the Ticats were tied with the Bombers for first in the East. During a head-to-head matchup of these two teams at Ivor Wynne late in the season, the Cats took a commanding lead and then sacked Dunnigan and knocked him silly late in the 3rd quarter. I stood up and cheered as a befuddled Dunnigan was carted off the field, knowing that this essentially locked up 1st place for Hamilton.

 So, they trot out this backup named Danny McManus, and we all looked forward to seeing him leave the pitch all concussed too. But instead, he drives the field for a TD. Whatever, beginners luck, right?. But then, he puts two more TD drives together, ripping apart what was one of the best Ticat backfields in recent memory. McManus would dink and dunk until the Cats would send the house, whereupon he would throw the bomb, with zip and pinpoint accuracy, for yet another TD. Thanks to this performance by McManus, the Bombers not only won the game, but took first place based on point differential, which gave them a bye and crucial home field advantage for the playoffs.

Since then, I was literally forced to follow his career. And what a career. Keep in mind at this point he already had a ring and a 56 yard TD pass under his belt from the 1990 Cup. But then there was the 4 yard snow pass and Cup '94, and then his amazing '96 Cup performance (sullied only by Jake Ireland, the argos Grey Cup MVP), and then the '98 - '99 Ticat turnaround.

All in all, a great career by a great guy.

I think it was 98 when it was 3rd and inches with maybe 30 seconds left in the eastern final against Montreal. Everyone expected a QB sneek but instead he fades back and throws a 40 yarder to put the cats in filed goal range to beat the Als and go on to the Cup! :cry:

Was that the pass to linebacker Joe Hagins?

Congratulations and many thanks, Danny!

I always thought that he should have stayed with the bombers.
One of my favourite Quarterbacks of all time.

Best wishes to Danny Mac in his new career. Maybe they can dump Leif Petersen now!

Hey Turkey glad to see you back too!

I always thought he was underrated throughout his career. As others have pointed out , he could get the job done when the game was on the line, especially in the playoffs. It will be great to hear his insights on the game this year in the booth.

I think the Hagins pass was the same situation (3rd and inches), but in 1999. Pretty sure that the pass ro1313 refers to went to Flutie. After that it was a short hand-off to Ron Williams and then Ozzie's 54 yard field goal. And then Dave Ritchie pounding the ground and wondering what he ever did to deserve this.

The Hagins pass was in '99 in Montreal. It wasn't 40 yards - probably more like 20. But still a pretty gutsy thing to try on 3rd down when the season is on the line - especially to a linebacker! The hope was that Hagins would not be covered, but he was blanketed by Barron Miles all the way down the field. If I was a Montreal fan that completion would have damn near killed me.

Anyway, it was Lancaster's call, McManus just executed perfectly.

The '98 game winning drive at Ivor Wynne involved a couple of intermediate range passes to Flutie to get into field goal position, no long bombs. Everyone in the stadium knew where the ball was going, but it didn't seem to matter.

Congrats on a great career and thanks for memories Danny. Arent we all fortunate the Bombers brought this talent to our league.

Maybe McManus should have joined CBC , so they could have turfed the no-minded Walby as a game day analyst.

Yes Danny Mac was a class act not to mention one of the most underrated QB's. You get so used to seeing a player for so long then one day their gone. Glad to see he's sticking around the game.

Looks like Damon Allen is the last of the old stalwarts now.

No Point to Joining CBC when they lost Brodcast Rights after this season..

CBC will Continue with Hockey only..

Danny Mac!!!!!!!!!
What a Champ!!!!!!
Anytime Hamilton with Danny came to Taylor field i would try to go (mostly because last place Hamilton and mediocre Riders makes for action packed till the last whistle)
When the camera for the bigscreen would focus on me i would hold up index on my right hand and four digits on my left hand. #14 Danny Mac!!!!
And then when Calgary came to regina and they blew the riders out last year. Danny Mac hit the field and i was loving it, Yes!!!!!!
#14 #14 #14 #14 #14 #14 #14

My favourite moments during the Hamilton Sluymp years were those few games where Danny Threw the ball like he was superman. There were a couple times where i thought it was the beginning of The Streak, so to speak.

Danny was a class act, only problem is staying a bit too long career wise. It will be great to get a qb's perspective on the game! The other qb colour guy, Ron Lancaster, did a great job when he was on tv.

The CBC should continue with hockey. HNIC is a tradition and they cover it better than anyone else. Football is another story. The CBC just seems to kill the ambiance of a football game. Yea and Walby sucks too.

Dmack could be a great O.C in the cfl, hopefully in Hamilton :lol: