hats off to Charlie and the coaching staff

Danny Mac did a great job!!

It did seem like our offensive play selection was a little more creative tonight. I liked how Richie went downfield - short, medium and Long. I don't know if it was more Richie;s decision or the coaching but it did seem to work. Defence put lots of pressure on Joseph and it paid off. Time will tell if it's and Argo thing or legitimate progress.

I`m a Charlie and Co. basher but I thought the coaches did a great job tonight!! Like I said in a previous post. I hope the Cats keep on winning and I will gladly eat my words every game. Nothing is better in football than the ticats winning!!!

Our Offensive game planning and play-calling
has been inconsistent but it was great tonight.

Charlie wore a headset tonight and possibly,
he exerted influence on Marcel's play calling
and even vetoed and overrode some of his calls.

It looked like the Argo defence was hit by a tsunami
in the 3rd quarter when Richie bewildered them

either handing off or faking hand offs to Caulley
or passing and running himself for first downs.

On three '3rd down and less than a yard' situations,
not once did Richie hand the ball off from the shotgun.

A fine effort by all three units.

Bravo to them all!!

The Coaching Staff Really Push the guys in practice this week.

Making Sure players knew there Jobs in the game plan
It showed.. Great Effort.

Now we need 2 more wins.. We must Keep it going

8) mr62cats,
I know that you gave Charlie credit, and I appreciate that  !!

I agree with your thoughts as to what does Charlie do now, regarding this lineup for next week.  What does he do if Casey and Jesse are ready to go next game ???  

My personal feeling would be to stick with the same lineup for next game also.  But we don't get paid to make those decisions !!!

Yes, Charlie will have some big, tough decisions to make this week !!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
8) How right you are !!!! :wink:

While I would agree that we have only beat the Argos this year, and they are not that good, we have been close against other contenders in the league (ie. Riders, Eskimos, Als).

If we continue to improve, and mature, some of these close games will turn into wins.

I agree that the coaching staff did a great job this game, and hope this continues into next week. We also had some backup players step up and got some good performances from some of our starters.

I think we will see an improved team in the second third of the season. If we can get on a roll in the fall, we could make some noise in the post-season. That would be a huge improvement over past seasons.


does that mean you are coming off your prediction of the aug 14th window for charlie being fired?

If we lose both of those games, then that time period between Aug. 14 and Labour Day is likely the point where a coaching change will take place !!

The play action between Williams and Caulley was legendary. Couldnt have worked better. I was fooled countless times as I was sure Caulley was running yet Wiliams still had the ball and passed it for receptions. Awesome! Great play calling and thank you to the coaching staff for providing this fan with excellent entertainment. The first half was a chess match of a half and the third quarter was one of the best quarters of football dominance I have seen in a long time. Thank-you Charlie, Marcel and Denny!

If we beat the argos all season and lose every other game then the season was a success! A Labour day Classic win will be as sweet as a Grey Cup!

Its nice to see you happy again coach.
Take this win and build on it.

Tipper wrote,

Congratulations to Charlie indeed !!!

So ironic that all those Charlie bashers still can't give him credit when it is do even more so !!!

What do you expect from losers anyway !!!

Who is laughing now and still !!!!

Hey Tipper,

I was a Charlie basher ( a respectful one, though), but I did give the coaching full props for last nights game against the blue team. I think they did a great job.

But calling people losers because they don`t agree with you, is uncalled for!!

Im not a loser for stating my opinion about a very troubled team!! Based upon Charlies previous record with the Cats 4-20, and some questionable coaching up until this win. Alot of posters were upset with the coaching. Fans, like myself want to see the team win and the coaching, in my opinion, wasn`t well prepared for each game.

I dont mind eating crow pie. Actually, I enjoy it!! If the team wins, Ill give full props.

Like anyone else on this site. Sometimes were right and sometimes were wrong. One thing I won`t do is spit in their face and call them a Loser :thdn: