Hats off to Brady Oliveira!

Just came across this on Yahoo https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/winnipeg-blue-bombers-running-back-201411696.html
Even though he plays for the dark side, I still think he deserves a shout out for saving a woman and her dog from drowning in the icy waters of the Red River in Winterpig.

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While I don't like many Bomber fans, who immediately forgot what it was like to have the longest streak without a GC, and I don't dislike any of their players who weren't caught with an illegal substance in their blood, I absolutely applaud Oliveira for his actions.


great story...happy ending.

FLASHBACK. Gone but not forgotten.
There was a tragic story many years ago involving an NFL star running back young Joe Delaney with KC Chiefs who drowned trying to save some children. He jumped in to save them and he was a weak swimmer.


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Oliveira is a heck of a running back who missed all of last year with an injury . It was his rookie year . He's the replacement for 33 year old Andrew ( "Juice") Harris . The kid is 22 and has a bright future .
This story just adds to his character resume . I like this kid !

Pat Lynch (the old TiCat fan)

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