Hathaway done could be career ending injury!

ruptured achilles.

Stampeders fullback Cory Hathaway tore an Achilles tendon in the morning practice yesterday and will miss the entire 2007 season.
"He's devastated," said head coach Tom Higgins. "It was an extremely difficult conversation to have with a young man.
"He thought this was going to be a good place for him."
Hathaway was injured on an innocent-looking receiving play and the training staff had to get a golf cart to carry him off. He is scheduled for surgery today.
Higgins said the team won't sign another fullback to replace Hathaway. The team has been impressed so far with the work of rookie Canadian Gerald Commissiong.


...those kind of injuries are really tough ....hard to come back from ....but not im possible...Bombers had the same thing happen to Cory Olynick a couple of yrs. ago...he was having a great tc....when he lined-up beside Charlie Roberts ..took a couple of sideways steps and bang....and i do mean 'bang'.....Roberts said it was so loud he heard the tendon pop....Olynick is back at this yrs camp for another go round...after alot of treatment.....Good luck to Hathaway....he might want to look at the Olynick situation for some encouragement and support......those injuries aren't always career ending....

....damn, that blows....

Cory is a quality player and I was dissappointed when the Riders didn't resign him.
Achilles injuries are still very serious, but are not the bear they used to be, so he can come back from this.

Good luck!