Hate to say this but we're going to be 2-4

We won't defeat Calgary in Calgary next week, not with the Stamps finally playing like a winning team.

and B.C. at home will definitely be tough to beat.. especially after we beat them in game 1.

our team is not headed in the right direction and it's very unfortunate.

its possible but i believe the Riders will beat the Lions, they seem to always play them tough.

When the Riders were 0 and 2 in preseason did you think they would start the real season 2 and 0? The sky can’t fall every month or everytime they lose a couple of games. Sure the Riders could be 2 and 4. But they might be 4 and 2. Or maybe be 3 and 3. If the Riders are 4 and 4 before they play Winnipeg 2 games in a row they will be fine. Let’s see where this team is after Labour Day. I think 6 and 4 would be pretty good.

a Casual fan would say that.

but if you really are paying attention to the team, you know that the Riders have little chance of beating Calgary next game!

like come on, it would be great to see the Riders win! but you have to look at it from a realistic point of view!

I'd say what he said. No need to insult me by calling me a casual fan. Not sure what it is about some that they insist on looking at things with a fatalistic point of view. Why is it that Edmonton can do the improbable and beat us in our house but it is nigh impossible to even entertain the possibility of doing the supposedly improbable and beat Calgary in their house. Some "fans".

I will return the insult. If the 2 and 2 Riders beat BC and Hamilton and lose to Calgary and Montreal does that add up to 4 and 4? If they beat the Bombers 2 times would that be 6 and 4? I'm not a casual fan and I think they can do that.

sure, think what you like, you're entitled to your opinion, we dont' live in Iraq.

I think that the likelihood of Saskatchewan at this point, when we know our QB situation stinks and our O-Line is suffering.. that we will not beat Calgary. B.C. is a question mark, all depends on how our defense plays. Hamilton? well it's a good possibility.

I think the only team that we should be able to defeat is Winnipeg. but heck, not even that's possible, things have a funny way of kicking us in the butt.

They could beat the Stamps but I doubt it the way they are playing right now, maybe we can get them on an off day like the lowley Bombers did, if the Bombers can beat them then there is a chance

yup but that was when Calgary was struggling to find themselves.. now they have! huge difference!

So much for that theory...

Seems the self-appointed football guru was out to lunch. For a guy who supposedly has so much knowledge and experience, he seems to have missed quite badly on this one.

Maybe he meant this thread to say, I'll be the first to say it, we're going to be 4-2... :lol:

It's hard to be that consistently wrong, especially when a coin toss gets you to 50-50.

I just hope he's predicting a Lion blowout win this Friday....

There is a lot of parity in the league this year. I wasn't surprised at all to see the Riders beat Calgary though I knew it would not be an easy game. Each week will be a challenge. Some fans think they are being realistic when in fact they are being negative (I am not saying this about anyone in particular).

I'm actually choosing Saskatchewan to win...

and you guys act as if I were the only one calling for the Riders to crap out here..

nothing surprises me anymore about this league, the Riders honestly shouldn't have won.. but they played a hell of a great game and pulled out a big win!!

The Thread title, which you started, states the Riders are going to be 2-4. This was written when they were 2-2. Their next 2 games were against Calgary and B.C. So how does this add up if you are taking Sask to beat B.C.? So now we have ruled out you being a JUNIOR football Q.B. or an Accountant, it seems.

He's a revisionist historian......

oh shut up! get a life.

Nice explanation as to the logic of your post.

If we win Friday and go 4-2, maybe he’s just dyslexic.