Hate to say it but

I must choose Porter over Williams

However, still choose Williams over Printers

and the defense still sucks big time

no offense, but get over it. We understand your animosity towards Printers. He led you to the
finals, didn't play,and you lost....

in your little mind, it couldnt possibly be that I simply like Williams, could it?

didnt think so.

really? anyone can look up your posts and see what I am refering to.
As far as your"little brain" comment, I expected that from you. Did
I hit a sore spot? Little man.

Cant we just enjoy a win kids?

I'm trying Beet, i'm trying...

no you are not.

you started it :twisted:

so there 8)

How old are you? :roll:

Saying the defense still sucks is enjoying a win??

its reality. Doesnt stop me from enjoying the offensive display.

But it still worries me for future games.

I'm enjoying the win.
I'll be enjoying it all week long.

same old, same old FYB. make a statement to irk a fan and then turn around
and try to s*#k up. Your predictable and boring.

How many penaltys do we have to get before the refs give us a fair shake ?? How many times are they going to wait till we complete a pass or a run goes downfied before they decide to call a holding penalty ??

I didnt post to irk anybody. I posted my sincere thoughts about the team, good and not so good.

You the one with the immature attitude.

Even my attempt to be playful went over your head.

Find me boring....take a hike...... and go play some football

I am so happy that the Ticats won yesterday and will be proudly wearing my gear this week.

I think FYB is correct though. Our defense stinks. We had no pressure on the QB and if we didn’t cause the fumble on the first drive, who knows how the game would have ended up.

The o played well and well enough to win. As for the rest of the season, if the d doesn’t step up, we are going to be chasing points in our next 4 games.

There was another thread that discussed why there isn't as much activity on the boards as there used to be.

This thread is the perfect example as to why I don't post as often as I used to.

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