Hate to kick a down dog but.....

Do these ticat players have any pride at all??

To a man, they are so getting beat tonight. Its like they have no heart. Did someone put some kind of sedative in their water???

Cant see a single positive to be taken from this game.

Good thing I am not Bob, I would be tempted to totally clean house and keep only Jeff.

My heart truly goes out to Bob. I would like to speak some words of encouragement, but I cant find any. sigh

Whos Jeff?

oops, I mean Jesse

Dang I was hoping we had anew coach!

Well, as Bob said to us fans, "be happy". It all seems like a cruel joke to me except I'm not laughing (nor am I happy).

An Argo-Cat fan

It's just so sad. Watching the Tiger-Cats play right now is so frustrating, and I'm left sick to my stomach. I just don't understand why we can't get better. No matter what players we bring in they don't look as good here as they did on their previous team. I'm starting to think that this team is being out coached by every other team in the league. Why, Mr.Taffe, did you go with such inexperienced coaches???? This really sucks.

For those that don’t know, I tried to say this really s_u_c_k&s. I’m not sure why that word is not allowed.

Don't Forget to keep new leading Tackler in the League Zeke Moreno :slight_smile:

Man is it ever fustrating. Especially after having a beverage or two. And watching the cats get in the red zone, and come up with a lousy field every time. Right now, it`s not a good time to drink and watch the cats!!

"FootbalYouBet" - is that you in disguise, Michael Vick, coming up with this subject?

Nah, Vick came clean, didn't you hear? :wink:

If it was him, he'd have named the post "I really get off kicking a down dog and then..."

Sounds like the same complaining as last year except it is going to a different coaching staff and many different players. You guy's and gals should thank Disjardin for the "BIG" improvements he's made in the off-season!!