Hate the ref's new uni's

I am just watching the first game between Toronto and Winnipeg....I missed the first games on Thursday..but my question is: WHY IN THE WORLD do the refs have the SAME uniforms(the huge black vertical stripes) as the refs in the nfl??? WHY do WE have to have the same ones? don't give me stuff about how the nfl is better...is it because the influx of ex-nfl young players just don't recognise the "thinner"black stripes ???...why is it that people think we need to look just like a boring league?
I just don't like the nfl, and i love the cfl. Why should we make the uniforms the same? remember a few years ago when they tried to make the "flags" yellow? and they tried calling them "hankies"????? that was a joke. It was enough that they made the football smaller so that the "american players" could handle it.(and they STILL fumble the dam**d thing)
I've had enough of this.
Ok, dat's me rant. T'anks fer listenin'

Maybe they have the same outfitter? Reebok? Someone else?

Are you serious? :lol:


wow come on your ranting about refs Jerseys when they are even exactly the same as the NFL

I agree with the others, its only the refs, WHO CARES!!!

Apparently this guy. He registered today just to complain about it. :lol:

they never changed the size of the ball, pal..

The next thing he will complain about is all the cheerleaders looking the same...

Maybe the NFL supplied the new refs uniforms as part of the partnership. lol
But I don't mind them. The thing I would like to see less of is those orange things they keep throwing around.
Let them play the game. Call the blatant fowls. No way those pass interference calls should have been made last night.

On the ball size, the CFL and NFL balls are almost identical now...at one time the CFL ball was fatter towards the ends then the NFL ball.
I can remember in high school we used the CFL size in practice but a nice new NFL ball in games. I loved it because I could put a beautiful spiral on that NFL ball where as quite often throwing the CFL one it would look like a wounded duck.

Yahoo, some one to buy into my "Conspiracy theory!" :lol: :lol:

matelot4321 check out this thread! :wink: :wink:

[url=http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=26246]http://www1.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphp ... ic&t=26246[/url] :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Personally, I think the uniforms look allright.

I hope our only complaint about the officials this year is their uniforms.

It will take some getting used to, but I don't really care what they wear. It looks a little funny right now, though besides the black sleeves I found it hard to place what was different. My mom noticed the wider stripes before I did. Eventually we'll get used to these, and we'll look at footage from '07 and chuckle at the weird-looking officials' uniforms.

I like the new change. I really think they project a more professional image. I especially like that black piping down the side of the pants.

Forget the uni's....I hate the refs!!! :cowboy:

Geez sheep, I expected a better quote than that. :wink:
I thought you were going to say the refs were


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually they did.
The old J5V were bigger than the NFL balls but the league has switched to the Wilson which is pretty much the same size as the NFL ball.
The CFL ball is technically still bigger but only by a quarter to a half inch.

I think the referees deserve to be outfitted in a more deserving manner...

Perhaps striped shirts, large red foam noses, curly haired wigs and oversized red shoes.
or failing that...
giant Mickey Mouse ears.

Oh well, at least you are not suggesting they go out there naked.

First off, welcome to the forum matelot4321,

Too bad your observation and opinion didn't go over to well. Anyways, I don't mind the uni's. Sure, they look the same as the NFL but it was time for a change.

At the end of the day though I think the uni's will be the only thing I like about the CFL's refs.

dress them in all black with face paint to look like a skull! more of a gothic look!maybe a black cape and pitch forks to measure yardage! or illiminate the refs and have an anything goes game! ratings would shoot way up but it would probably become the most violent sport in the world!Quarterbacks would have a 1 quarter life expentancy! maybe the money brought in from extra veiwers would buy us a few more teams.......like I'm serious just thought maybe someone smiled at this comment!