Hate the new format

I Hate the new look of this site…It’s no longer a Ticat site its a CFL site…All that gargage about not being able to post because of to many users…The truth was the site was being changed and not for the better…

I agree.

Can't have blue on a Ti-Cat site.

Are all my PM's gone AGAIN?

Wholeheartedly agree.....If I didn't know better, I'd say this was somebody's idea of a joke.
This is no longer a Ticat site. We're just an add-on to a CFL site. And, as with shooter, where are my pm's? Caretaker, what has happened that we must sacrifice our identity?

An official explanation has been posted
on this site since 6 o'clock last night.

Here is a link to it.

click here

As usual, when the forums get jammed up
our techies work hard to find a solution.

Kudos to them!!


It sounds like it is a temporary solution.

A different server.

Nothing to get out shorts in a knot over.

Ron. I read that 'explanation' last night.

Now, I am far from being technically experienced. I just know what I like, what I am comfortable with, and this is not it.

My shorts are not in a knot, but my comfort level has been destroyed. I still have the right to express my opinion, as do you.

I find I have little patience for those who look at anything new, and immediately praise some unknown entity for their 'forward and progressive thinking'.

Cheers, old buddy.

Hopefully this is just a Grey Cup Week thing.

Not a huge fan either. And me without my magnifying glass to read posts! I've either grown markedly or the font and all else has gotten smaller.

I agree with Ron. Nothing here to get upset about.
I tried unsuccessfully many times the other night to get on the forum.
If it means using the CFL link for a while until the problem is fixed...then thats OK with me...even though I prefer the Black and Gold to Blue...everytime!

Given the choice between them shutting the site down for whatever time it takes to resolve their technical difficulties, or quickly improvising and giving me something a little bit different to work with, there is no choice to even consider.

Good work guys, finding a workable solution, especially during Grey Cup week when you'd probably rather be downtown drinking beer with everyone else.

I liked the old format bring it back asap!

I intensely dislike this new format and I certainly don't believe that it exists due to high traffic under the old format.

What a bonehead idea. (:>{

(:>0 :cry:

The clock on the ticats.ca forum displays Greenwich Mean Time (5 hours ahead) prior to logging in but it displays Eastern Standard Time after logging in.

If they have gone to the expense and time to purchase & set up a new server and load all of the additional software I don't really think that they will go back to the way things were. The best that we can hope for is that once the Coupe de Grey is over they will start to work on getting the new look back to as close as possible to the old look and then add few tweaks.

Personally I like the fact that when you came to the websight you could see what members were logged in but I think it would even be nicer if there was a small avatar with each name showing what their team affilliation is. Or at least thru whose forum they signed up through.

For Barneyfife1, the argoCAT fan, I guess his would have to be a Snarling & defiant TigerCat on top of a boat with its oarlocks in the water since they seem to have more controversy around them than we do for a change.
Cheers & go RiderCats go
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OK, I admit it, I made it to 5 IWS game this season and none at the Rogers Centre. :? Well except for today’s GC game.

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There are sites like Ticats.ca all over the world with some posts that number in the millions. I still don't believe we have a traffic problem here, I'd guess that there is another reason for changing the format.
Anyway, this stinks!!!

Although I agree with you Rock.... I'm surprised at the negative tone of your post...

Although I agree with you Rock.... I'm surprised at the negative tone of your post...
You want negative, Zebo: Go to hell!

Rock, I agreed with you... Whats the problem??? I am surprised that you would resort to using profanity... Although you have used that type of language in the past... Don't worry though I won't report you to the moderator...When I was a young man my parents told me not to use profanity in public because people will think less of you...good advice don't you think...