Hatboy on Holmes

Where are we going to use this guy? I thought maybe we would put him in the slot but it seems like the team has other plans. In the backfield with Boo and Jesse? Then the talents there are not being used enough.

IMO this guy should never come off the field. He is far to talented and didn't get the ball enough last year. Hopefully when the season starts he is 100% because if used properly he can be a game breaker. I have absolute faith in Charlie Taffe to bring this team back to respectability but Holmes needs to be a big part of this offence. IMO

10 weeks to go. I can't wait my 2 year old will be attending his first game this year. It will be a proud day in TC history for me. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Go Cats Go.

Another Fan is About to Born Great news.

As for Corry "The Soul man" Holmes
I Agree he is a Huge Weapon can't Wait for him to go off I hope Toronto But any other team for that matter is fine.

he wont be going to toronto ..hes staying here bud. If there smart, management should be putting Corey Holmes in the backfield as a running back and use jesse lumsden as a fullback with the odd time putting corey holmes in as a slotback or even kick returns. Utilize him a lot with Jesse Lumsden side by side with him.

You miss understand Me ..:oops:

By Go Off I mean have Big Game vs Toronto..
Hell we just Resigned him
No way I want in Toronto Playing for the Argos.

so you misunderstood me
But thats happens sometimes :slight_smile:

I think Charlie will use him the same way he used Thomas Haskins a few years ago

Use him in the old fashion "Wing-back" position. Similiar to our current day slotback. The main difference being more touches running the ball. :slight_smile:

Agreed, I think that's the ticket. Given Taafe as coach, playing Holmes the way Haskins was used in Montreal is a good idea; keeps the defence guessing...one play he's running, one play he's pass receiving, one play he's decoy..........with an imaginative offensive scheme (wouldn't that be a change in Hamilton!), Holmes will be a formidable weapon.

In some sets I see him at slotback, in other sets I like the idea of him at halfback with Jesse at fullback. It also makes sense to line him up in the slot and then bring him across on a reverse....so many possibilities.......

I want to see both Lumsden and Holmes on the field whenever the Ticats have the ball. If that means Radelein rides the bench or gets cut or traded, so be it.

Its foolish to think a backfield tandem of Holmes and Lumsden would work (Lumsden has never played full back, and Radlein is 10 times the athlete at that position then anybody else on the roster, to trade or cut him would be stupid)We need to use Lumsden at tailback behind Radlein as much as possible, while bringing in Holmes simply to relieve the young back...In the Canadian game there isn't as much running and I think its best to stick with one guy so he can get in his groove the way Troy Davis used to (Most NFL running backs prefer 20 carries per game a number rarely hit by one player in the CFL)...Holmes should play slotback and take on kick returning duties

Holmes will sit out the season collecting his cheque waiting for his wife to have another baby

Ill way in on this , cause offence(backfield)is my area in coaching, Any O.C worth being an o.c will have the ticats backfield playbook loaded with traps, counter traps, reverses , screens , fleeflickers , etc etc, This is canadian football and the backfield must be fluid not static, (eg-args backield failure in 2006)!

:roll: Huh?.. and you base this on what???

Good thread, BoxEHHatboy. Barring injury, Corey Holmes will be an important cog in the Ticat offence this year.

The posts of in4td and MadJack make good sense. Coach Taaffe could very well use Corey Holmes’ talents in a similar way to his use of Thomas Haskins several years ago in Montreal. Holmes will see more action than Haskins did though as it remains to be seen whether Jesse Lumsden or Anthony Davis will ever match the durability or productivity of former star Alouette running back Mike Pringle.

No doubt the other CFL teams will open their vaults to dust off and review their Alouette game tapes from 2000 and 2001 to prepare their defences for Coach Taaffe’s offensive system. And Coach Taaffe is experienced and intelligent enough to add new dimensions to the offensive system he used in the CFL six years ago.