Hat Trick for Coach of the Year ?

IT may be a bit premature, But I think the Coach
of the year award is Charlies to lose???

This is more like the "curse" of the year award or the jinx .
I don't like this award ,coach Marshall is a good ewxample ,he won it in his first year when our team was very improved over the previous years.
How many coaches are fired shorly after winning this award (thinking NHL)?
Anyway ...I hate this award for those reasons , should be the most improved team award and given to the complete coaching staff to take the pressure off one person ,not that I believe in the jinx,Don Cherry has talked about this award and thats where I'm coming from....don't like it a bit...oh no!

early judgement is never good@! bad bad bad, he only won us 1 pre season game, but i mean if the guy turns the team rgith around and we end up with 10 wins or more then i can say its his to loose because thats huge coming from 2 horrible seasons to making us contenders it would be silly if he didnt get the award


4-14 can be improved upon more than any other record in the league, so Charlie has that in his quiver re the award.

If the team is anywhere near respectable (read a playoff spot), Charlie will be a finalist for the Annis Stukus award, no doubt.

Oski Wee Wee,

Come on wait till the season is half done before you call any body any thing!