Hasn't Printers thrown a TD pass?

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Perry Lefko says that Printers still hasn't thrown a TD pass... I was at the Labour Day game and could have sworn that he threw a TD pass to the corner of the end zone.

Am I wrong?

13 yard pass to Chris Bauman.

Yep and it was a nice one! Saw it with my own eyes.

That's what I thought.

1 TD pass in 6 games with 4 int's
Not good folks :frowning:

Calvillo is at 21TDs/5INTs in 9 games

Printers better catch up or take a pay cut.

:roll: :roll: whatever

Of course.

One’s on a first place team, the other on the last place team.

It’s a silly comparison.

Calvillo is on a first place team that is NOT rebuilding and Printers is on a last place team that IS rebuilding.

Sure, he only has 1 passing TD… but you have to start at 1. Besides… how many has he run in? Printers played well his last game… had some rough spots but also had some brilliant ones. I am a fan forsure.

But they play in the same league.

An Argo-Cat fan

Printers is a good player and someday maybe a top quarterback. Right now he is making far too much money. The team could be doing as well with Richie Williams at QB and he's making a lot less money.

Why does everyone mention money? Are you paying his salary? Who cares how Bob spends his cash? Besides... Printers isn't just being paid for his play on the field. He draws in fans, sells jeresys and probably helps TV ratings to a degree. Williams isn't there yet.

People mention money because this is the CFL. You can't win if one player is making too much money. I have nothing against Printers but I doubt he's going to continue to draw in fans if the Cats don't win.

printers did awsome on labour day , how can u say its the QB when rec.. drop balls, not breakin off routes like there r should!! the defence gave some huge yards, i think alot of ppl should start watchin the game twice to really watch what happens!!!!

Last i checked this team was loosing before we took Printers "Big Salary" Oh he has only thrown for one but would u trade that for or scoreless offences of the past few years?

Or u know im sure the fans Booing him everytime he made a bad read etc did Lots of good for a guy coming off a injury yea Classy Ticat Fans Classy