Has Winnipeg finally seen enough of Justin Doltz?

Fourth year in the CFL and the guy hasn't managed to break 200yds passing in a game and he's on his way to becoming a legend.

How about a friendly wager? If Doltz is still taking up a roster spot in the CFL two years from now, I'll leave this forum and never post here again. And if he's out of the league by then, you can just quietly acknowledge to yourself that Area51 called it as so.

Don't tease.

Doltz? man... so uncreative its not even funny

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Dudes a bully and honestly, i hope to god goltz GOLTZ is still in the league in 2 years, then this site will actually be bearable from time to time instead of having mr insult crap on everyone and everythng

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Just wondering IQ 51, what grade are you starting today ?

I thought it wasn't that bad for the second week with a new OC. It takes time to build a playbook to highlight the quarterback's talent and get a broken offense started in the right direction.

Just like Collaros looked like the rookie he is when Ray went down and the playbook was built for Ricky putting Goltz into Pierces playbook wasn't working. At least they have an OC that can recognize it now.

Area51, even if he is around I'd rather you stick around than stop posting its not like we need less interaction in these boards. There aren't many of us o.-

Let's just say we have a matter of difference of opinions, maybe he will end up flopping but I still believe we should try to develop our own quarterback and he has enough potential to be a great quarterback. He also has enough character to be a leader for our team.

I'd rather give him and develop him through this broken down season and see how he performs next year to see if he is worth keeping than drop him and put another QB there. I also believe hall and boltus will make great back ups, Hall has a lot of upside as well but Goltz actually has had more time to develop in the CFL and just seems more comfortable when he is in the spot.

I have never seen Boltus play, but I have read some good things about him. I'm putting my trust in Walters and Miller and even Burke right now, if they can manage to turn things around than they'll need to try to use some of what they have. I'd rather see Goltz stick around and have the O-Line and our defense tweaked, get some more NI and slowly build some depth in those important positions.

ZERO first downs and twelve (12) passing yards in the 1stH. Doltz is going from terrible to horrific.

I have to agree I just do not think that Glotz has got it to be a starter in this league. He has spent the better part of the the last 3 or 4 seasons learning and now that he is getting his chance he does not have the accuracy needed to make the passes needed to be successful.
Reilly in Edmonton in a similar situation with a new team that has had massive Oline protection issues but can see there is a huge difference between the two QBs.
Goltz however is a great Wild Cat QB and could still be a valuable player for the Bombers as a short Yardage situation QB. If he was Canadian he would have already been moved to WR. For the QBs that they currently have Max Hall would be the best. Valuable experience as a DI NCAA QB at BYU and a season in the NFL with some valuable PT. Injuries knocked him out of the NFL for 2012 but being a QB coach at BYU during that time also a valuable experience and access to some top coaching as well as football facilities to keep in shape.

Goltz's bombers up 24-13 in the 4th.
He gives the bombers their best chance to win.

I'm not sure what makes Max Hall the better QB. He wasn't overly impressive against weaker competition than what Goltz has faced.

Both guys need an improved O-Line and QB coaching before we'll know what they can really amount to.

Goltz has been able to complete every game he's started, and had his team in each game into the 4th. None of the other bomber QBs can say the same.

I just think that Hall has more talent as a QB and his experiences at higher levels of football have just been better. To this point Hall has had better QB coaching along the line on his way to Winnipeg playing at BYU as well as a season in the NFL. Goltz a fantastic athlete did not get the competition nor the coaching that Hall had playing DIII football.
I just think that Hall is a more natural as a QB and has better accuracy in passing.
This is with both having played behind the same bad O Line.
Coming into the season Mack backed Pierce in a last ditch effort to prove it was not a mistake in gambling the Bombers future.
Burke choice was Goltz he an emotional QB and as you pointed out has stayed healthy.
Crowton's guy was Max Hall as seen by his choice of QBs the week before he was fired. Crowton's strong NCAA ties and with BYU and you can see why.
Hopefully Buck is now out of the equation and that no favorites are played and the best QB will be in there.
The near mutiny at halftime between the Bombers D and the Bombers O or lack of O should really be a concern at this point.

Goltz did nothing in this game. He had a receiver make a highlight reel catch down the field, and that's pretty much his highlight of the game. He's a great short yardage QB as he's mobile and can keep the D off guard, but other than that they may as well give Hall a chance.

Huh, I missed that. Very serious if that's going on. The O needs to show some improvement for sure.

Good points about Hall, but I haven't seen it in game action yet. Hopefully one of them can assert themselves and claim the job for next year.

Make Goltz the goalline or short yardage only guy, because that's where his strengths lie. He's shown enough in the rest of the field to tell us he's not the guy.

Golttz should be and will be starting next game. He gives us the best chance to win. He has shown enough to deserve more starts. I see that he can develope into a starter with proper coaching.

Maybe he'll manage to throw for more than 200yds in a game before his career ends?

I don't think Max Hall has the arm strength to play in the CFL. In his first start, he was throwing rainbows and receivers were going out of their way to make catches. Terrence Edwards almost got knocked out of the game reaching for one of Hall's floaters. In his 2nd start, Hall got injured in the first quarter and never returned. I think we should cut him ASAP.

I can't recall a QB getting ZERO first downs in the first half, EVER, but Justin Goltz managed to do it. If not for the 98 yd. TD return by Will Ford, I think the Bombers would have given up hope and folded in the 2nd half. Goltz played a little better in the 2nd half, but our Defensive line and Special teams won this game. Goltz's only significant contributions were inside the 10 yd. line--his specialty (he's got 8 rushing TDs this season).

I'd like to see what Jason Boltus can do. I'll bet he can get at least one first down in the first half.

Wpg has 3 third-string QBs now. Switching them out is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titantic.

The Bombers should definitely be looking for a veteran CFL QB if they are seriously planning to make a playoff run.
Casey Printers is available. Maybe they should give him a call.