Has Winnipeg finally seen enough of Justin Doltz?

the first place that the bombers should start is with the O-line, then lets see that Goltz can do,

:twisted: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

I also want to add...Is it really necessary for these threads with insulting twists on players names to continually pop up, at least in the thread tittle?

You have me sold. That goes back to the GM and the off season where they did not bring in any competition for the returning Olineman. Same XCanadians on the interior same 2012 #1 draft pick on the 9 game not ready to play yet. Another season and wear and tear on Glenn January. Same Shannon Boatman filling in for an injured Douglas. Same one dimensional FB/TE that block but is not an offensive threat at all. Did draft a project Te with the kid from SMU but he certainly is not ready to step right in.
In the meantime players like Daryl Stephanson was available and matured now a great TE blocker as well as an offensive threat. Free agent Import OT Devin Tyler sitting around until the riders have just picked him up and started against the BBs.

Airhead51 you should worry more about your glass QB Ray who two times has gone down. Hardly been hit this year and is starting to turn to glass.Just wait when defenses start to see that hitting Ray with one good hit takes him out. :smiley:

Glass QB who has missed 10 games in 11 seasons before this latest injury.
Talk about airhead.

We’ll see down the road. Time will tell and also I don’t care for Area51 continuing insults and BS. Maybe the moderator should do their dam job for once on him. I thought their were rules of conduct here.

I don't care for area51 either, but that doesn't justify calling Ricky Ray glass. He's been one of the most resilient players in the CFL over the last 11 seasons. Probably the most resilient of any starting QB in cfl history over an 11 year span.

What I see with Ray is a good QB. But I'm starting to see that his age starting to catch up with him. Just Like Anthony calvillo getting hurt more now. Ray I believe will start to go down that road not that he isn't tough but the age starts to catch up. Its not that I enjoy it but when defense start to see a weakness you can bet that they will hit him as often as they can.
Also I'm fed up with Area51 and his constant berating the team I cheer for with his grade school name calling and disrepect. I wanted him to see that his QB can end up like Buck in a very short amount off time.

He is only 33, 34 this year...he is no dinosaur. That said, the Argos have an opportunity to see a young QB that has some upside potential for the next 6 or so weeks. Even 2-3 wins the rest of the season likely gets them into the playoffs, so if need be, they should be able to call upon Ray. It is however a golden opportunity to see if they should consider not protecting Ray. If Ray goes, that is a huge opening on cap. That said...we would need to see a few really solid outings (starts) to consider something like that. With one start, he looked seasoned...not so much off the bench, but I believe he is the type of QB that needs 1st team reps.

I hope for Rays sake he has many more games. Their back up looked good but that can be a bit deceiving.

Why are we talking about Ricky Ray in this thread???

I agree with your comment to a certain extent, but let's give the Saskatchewan coaching staff their due. Many teams have played Sask. even in the first half like the Bombers did, only to be shut down offensively in the 2nd half. The Riders did it to Calgary and a lot of other teams to get to 8-1.

With that being said, Bellefeuelle will have to learn to adjust also. He called a good first half. I think what he needs from now on is to draw up a new game plan for the 2nd half with input from HC Burke. Halftime adjustments have been non-existent for the Bombers this year, having scored 1 point in 9 games or something like that.

As for Justin Goltz, he played 2 quarters of good football. He was 9 for 9 for passing at one point and galloped for a 42 yard TD. He just tried to force it when we fell behind by 13 in the 4th quarter and got picked apart by the Riders' secondary. The blocked kick at the end of the game was a KO.

I say leave Goltz in next week and see what happens. How else is he going to develop if the Bombers keep rotating QBs?

This is 2 weeks of his playbook. He had no training camp, he had no pre-season. Marcel Bellefeuille said it best...something along the line of...'we are revamping this team a little bit more every week. We don't have preseason games so we are trying to win at the same time.'

He walked into a complete mess. I felt their O looked to be improving.

No one can change this mess around in short order. Already I'm seeing some improvements even if their small ones. I just hope they let Glotz start to develope. He played three good teams and held up not to bad.

Not only was Ray having the best year of his career until this injury, but also one of the greatest campaigns in CFL history bar none, not to mention just coming off the 2012 Grey Cup win.
His passing efficiency this season is beyond spectacular and near flawless.

furthermore, RR is a certain HOF'er, 3X Grey Cup champion, with 4 Grey Cup appearances, a GC MVP, perennial all-star, top ten in most all-time passing categories, and a true steadfast leader.

and yet all you see just a good QB who is aging?

a new eyeglass prescription may be long overdue my friend...

First off, I don't think Ricky Ray is glass but when you say he's missed 10 games in 11 seasons, how many of those games have been since he joined the Argos. He missed 4 games last year with an injury and 1 earlier this season iirc.

He missed 10 pre this season. 5 in 2007, 1 in 2010, 4 in 2012.
These are still not bad numbers. he has played 7 / 11 each game, and 8 / 11 at 17+

Ricky Ray is a gimp who's probably done for the season.
Take your Ricky Ray wet dreams and gtfo.
This is a Justin Goltz thread.

Ricky Ray > Justin Goltz

even injured

Justin is becoming a great quarter back; the Blue Bombers just need to take some time and let him develop. He had a great first half; and with some work on keeping things under control when he is behind we may see him being one of those GREAT QB's.

He just needs to learn how to perform better reads and not force the play when they are down; which all QB's do but with experience they just get better at reading and understanding. Nothing but playing in the league will help with that; what better time than a season that most of us have written off. Let him build and develop and next year he may be our starter that we have been waiting for.