Has Winnipeg finally seen enough of Justin Doltz?

Three starts, three losses. Doltz didn't even manage to break 200yds passing in any of his starts. As I said after his first game, the guy has ZERO arm strength. Anything beyond 20yds and it's going to be a wobbling pass that hangs in the air.

His first INT today was laughable - - watch the replay on the cfl.ca highlight package and see for yourself. It looked like Doltz was attempting a jump shot instead of a forward pass. It was comical how terrible that throw was.

How many more starts/losses will the Bombers need to "evaluate" Doltz and realize the guy is pure garbage?

I think a healthy pierce would have led the bombers to a win today

Geez, he did good in the first half. Finally has a OC to work with. The question is will the Bummers EVER grew a qb in their system, or just keep airlifting in qbs? Yep that is really working for ya! Lol.

Nope. riders would have raised their game to match.

they sure would have had to :slight_smile:

Goltz has looked the best of the Bombers QBs, and he gives them the best chance to win. There's plenty of things wrong with the Bombers, they just have to stick with one guy and let him earn his lumps.

A healthy Buck would have been playing "follow the finger" after the first five minutes.

So all they need is a mythological player?

Problem in this game was that they did nothing in the third quarter again. That's been a problem all year no matter who is at QB. But hey, maybe QB number four will magically fix it? :roll:

Buck would have given it his all for sure, how healthy he would have remained is the real question - seems that it only takes one tackle to take him out these days. Goltz did a decent job for the Bombers yesterday but he best lose the end zone celebration for as Mattie said at half-time - it will come back to bite - and it did.

His accuracy is poor too, I doubt he's any sort of answer to their QB question.

If anything, he reminds me of Alex Brink. . .

A healthy Buck Pierce would have quickly became an unhealthy Buck Pierce

Lol, very true . Goltz was forcing the ball in the second half. Take away those two interception throws and it is a lot closer game. The riders seem to play to the level of the other team, so I agree they'd have to play better against BC. But BC ain't all that good this year ( so far). I see cowtown as our biggest hurdle.

I agree.

Let's not forget, Goltz's starts have come against the league's top teams; BC, Calgary and Saskatchewan.
He has looked the best of the bunch for winnipeg, as they've been in those games right to the 4th quarter.

He's still very green, but has tremendous upside. He needs to learn from his mistakes, which is something experience will bring.

Hall got 2 starts against a team below .500, in the Ticats, and didn't come close to leading the bombers to wins.
Buck pierce is the same buck we've seen the last few years: weak, inaccurate, slow and injury prone.

While Hall may have started 2 games technically, he was knocked out of the second game during his first series due to a hand injury. (2nd pass thrown I believe)

Pierce and Goltz directed that loss to the TiCats.

I am still not convinced that Goltz will become a CFL starting Qb but one thing that I am sure of is that it is time to move on past Buck Pierce. Pierce sitting on the IR right now I am pretty sure he will finish the season on the 9 game IR ending his term as a QB for the BBs.
Before the club makes an announcement that Goltz will be the starter for the rest of the season they should step back and think about that statement as things can always change.
Already within a couple of weeks of releasing Mack and Crowton the BBs already look like a better team and are working towards a direction to make this club better.
The 9 game IR is up after this weeks game and the Bombers Staff has been working overtime evaluating evry player at every postion on and off the roster.

The QB can only do so much with bad plays, looks like Hamilton's O under Marcel Bellefeuille.

I thought he played well against a tough defense that came after him all day. He completed his first 9 passes and run for two scores. He had a lot to do with why the Bombers were still in the game with 6 minutes left. Both of his picks came late in desperation time. Every QB in history throws more picks when down by a score or two late in the game.

Will he be a HoFer? I dunno, but he showed me that he can play.

I didn't see the game but thought his show-boating after his TD's was a little too cocky for someone who still hasn't proven a damn thing. Then he gives up 2 picks and hands the second half to the Riders. Justin Doltz indeed.


I must add that the Bombers actually provided some protection on the line, which is definitely an improvement. That is probably the least amount of pressure the Riders have got in a few weeks (even though they had a fair amount). w/o time, few QBs will shine.