Has Whitaker filled Cobourne's Shoes?

An "end of season" poll

While I'm sure if you'd ask anyone if Whitaker is a better back than Cobourne, you'd get a simple: yes.
But asked another way the question gets a bit more complicated.
We all know running backs have multiple personalities
But when it comes to appraising them, most think exclusively about the yards.

So I've separated the issue into several categories.
Granted, at 1st look it's skewed to Cobourne's strengths
But to be fair, the question is whether Whitaker has adequately replaced Cobourne
So it's fair to judge one by what the other brought to the team

If anyone has other suggestions I'm sure they'll mention it.
Here's how I see it:

  1. Leadership

This one goes to Cobourne...hands down.
While Whitaker seems like a personable guy, he's pretty much invisible personality-wise
On the field and off.
That's not a knock against him necessarily.
It's just you could always count on Avon to lead with his mouth, and then back it up.
Especially in the post-season.
I'm sure Hamilton is looking forward to that playoff spark next weekend.
I guess we'll see how that turns out.

  1. Running Ability

Like most...I'll give this to Whitaker
Cobourne has had some mammoth games for us in the past
But Whitaker's vision and acceleration are superb...a revelation.

  1. Medium to Short Yardage

Goal line offense....getting that crucial 2-3 yards to keep the drive alive
Or just a change-up from McPherson on 1-yarders to keep the defense honest
It's been an issue this year...cost us some games
Cobourne led the league in touchdowns with us
His combination of grit, effort and temperament made him a force on short yardage
Cobourne gets it...hands down

  1. Catching the ball

Avon Cobourne was a serious threat to be a 1000-1000 back 2 years ago
Whitaker has shown great hands
And his extra speed makes him a bit more of a threat for more than a checkdown
Still...Cobourne has to be considered among the best in the business
With Whitaker improving every game
I call it even
(although I'm not sure how I'll vote)

  1. Blocking

Speaking of "best in the business"
You don't get much better than Avon Cobourne at protecting the pivot
Or running interference in a sweep.
Whitaker has surprised in this area...don't get me wrong
But he's got a way to go before he excels

So there's my tally:

Cobourne gets it 3-1-1

I'm not knocking Whitaker...
And he's got plenty of room for growth
But Cobourne is the better all-round back
Despite getting gyped of 1,000 yard season (again)
While every other team made every effort to get their guys to 1,000
I know it's a compliment in a relatively meaningless game
To sit him because he's killer in the playoffs
Just hope t doesn't affect Avon's bonus situation.

I'll be honest, I think it's kind of "unfair" to compare 3 years of Cobourne being a starter to Whitaker being in his 1st year...but it's still a good discussion subject !

I see your point
No doubt when we look back a couple years from now
We'll be in a better position to judge

Still...it's topical
Especially with the two facing off next week in the East-Semi

Go Als!

No chance,Cobourne is a better player and he proved it the last time Hamilton played and beat Montreal only to be ripped off by the Ref. :smiley:

He can't. Brandon is a size 11 and Avon is a 12.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Excellent point! Not to mention how can any comparison be made between the two for the playoffs if Whitaker has yet to have his chance?

Does one have to use your mouth the be a leader or can one lead by example?!

Whitaker did everything a first year starter can be expected to do and more and you can't compare this year's Whitaker with last year's Cobourne, you have to evaluate that against the production Cobourne would have given the Als this year.


It's nearly impossible to know what Cobourne would have given the Alouettes this year
His production this year was with a different team, different blocking...different quarterback
On the other hand...the Alouettes o-line (aside from last game) has been relatively intact the last few years
Although they really only gelled the last half of last year
And this year better resembled the more dominant line with Brian Chieu
And Lambert playing his natural position
I really wouldn't put Calvillo's return to the status of "hackey sack" on the o-line

I'm not surprised however at the mindless obstinacy in the voting
After all...who would have imagined George W Bush getting elected...twice
Or the insanity of Harper's endless reign?

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world!
That has such people in it!

As Herb himself says
Praise be for people like Diamond Ferri
Who don't think
In endless droning cliches
But speak their minds

That's why the comparison game is mostly useless. If you use yards per carry, sacks allowed, total yards and yards from scrimmage Whitaker wins, you factor in salary demands (bang for the buck) its a landslide.