Has Toronto clinched a playoff spot?

In the Als/Bombers game, they showed a graphic at the end of the game indicating that Toronto had clinched a playoff spot with the Winnipeg loss.

I'm confused. BC and Edmonton both have 5 wins. If both those teams go 3-0 and Toronto goes 0-3 to finish the season (which is VERY possible considering Toronto plays the Als twice) BC and Edmonton would finish with 8 wins and Toronto with 7 wins. Then wouldn't one of those teams cross-over and knock out Toronto?

No they havent but I would say it is highly improbable that they won't make the playoffs. Two very bad teams have to finish the year 3-0 while be up against considerably better opponents. 1 argo win or a loss by either Edmonton or BC clinches for them

You're Right, Toronto has NOT yet clinched a playoff spot. However one win or one loss by either B.C. or Edmonton would clinch it for the Argos. I doubt B.C. and Edmonton will both go 3-0 to finish the season. Consdering Montreal has already clinched first, I think it's unlikely that Toronto will go 0-3 as well.

I agree that it's highly improbable, and while Toronto can't finish any worst than third in the East, they still haven't officially clinched, which is the whole point. I like Winnipeg's chances of crossing over better though....

leave it up to TSN and their inept statisticians.

I think BC and Edmonton just have to win two of their three remaining games if the Argos lose all three of theirs (very possible) for the cross over to kick in.
Toronto split with both the western teams but lose a tie breaker to BC 47 - 40 and to Edmonton 52 -35. I think it is still possible for the Argos win one of their remaining games and still lose out if BC and Edmonton win all three of their remaining games. The odds of that happening aren't good, but possible.
A Sask. win today would help the Argos as it would make things tight for 1st place out there.

In the crossover format, head-to-head are not considered. The fourth place division out of division team has to have more points than the third place division team. If Toronto goes 0-3, both B.C. and Edmonton have to go 3-0 (or two wins and a tie) for the West to crossover to the East. A loss by either B.C. or Edmonton means the fourth place team cannot do any better than a tie with Toronto and thus no crossover.