Has this ever happened?

Does anyone know if a team has ever gone winless at home? I know the Cats went winless on the road a few years ago... but I'm curious if any team has gone 0-9 at home. B.C. could be the first. The Lions are 0-4 at home right now.

1949: Hamilton 0-12-0
1946: Hamilton went 0-10-2

Ouch. Hamilton's the only team to go winless at home and on the road. :lol: :lol:

Having said that Chief; Calgary went 12-0 in 1948 and a Grey Cup winning 12-7 over Ottawa.

then again, does anything really count or matter before 16 game schedule, or before the lions entered the league? :wink:

It's still history FYB and in the books.

I dunno. They never taught us that in any of my history classes, and it aint in any of my history books :wink:

All my history books, growing up in Edmonton, were American.

....graciously allowing your team into the league shouldn't negate previous accomplishments...

Hamilton's not the only team to go winless on the road. BC had a 1-15 record their first year. They only won at home against Calgary.

That's what Leafs fans keep telling everyone too. :lol: