Has THF been getting used for anything besides Cats?

So, on the subject, I thought I'd post this link courtesy of @bartonbattalion on twitter

Hamilton soccer fans – tell us what you think!

Bob Young is committed to bringing professional soccer back to the city of Hamilton, to play at Tim Hortons Field. Tim Hortons Field is a proven first class soccer facility, and the ideal venue from a fan experience perspective.

In order to launch a successful soccer club, fan input and engagement is crucial each step of the way. Help us take the first step.

In cooperation with the Hamilton & District Soccer Association, we want to hear from you – give us your feedback and help shape the next successful professional soccer club launch in North America.

This short survey will take only 3-5 minutes to complete


I like to think this is more evidence of a team coming down the pipe.

I had to laugh when I received a survey from the Cats the other day. It was about season seat holder benefits. One of the benefits it kept listing was "Access to major events at THF". What events? :cowboy:

The Ticat survey the other day was one of the worst ever conducted by the team. Whoever decided what question or benefits we get is completely out of touch. Nothing asked will make things better for the Cats. It looks like they were trying to justify the marketing hype related to buying seasons tickets. It's a a joke except for the fact we get the privilege to sit in the same seats.