Has there EVER been so much uncertainty in the East?

I can't remember being so uncertain about an entire division this far into the season.

Toronto: They looked like a lock for 2nd and maybe 1st after Calvillo bruised his sternum, then self destruct against Hamilton & BC. They look destined to finish at 9-9 (2nd?).
Hamilton: Pull off 2 surprise wins against TO and then crap out against Montreal. They could lose the next 8 games or run the table; neither would surprise me.
Montreal: Looked like they wouldn't win another game after AC got injured, but McPherson has demonstrated that he can probably play well enough for the Als to hold off Ham. & TO; we'll see.
Winnipeg: The wild card?!? They play every team tough & if they manage to squeak into the playoffs (East or West), who is going to want to play these guys? Nobody!

I'd put up 2 or 3 more options if format permitted it, but these 10 options will be enough to gauge people's opinions.

oct 2nd, winnipeg vs bc is looking to have big playoff implications.

It's likely BC & Wpg. will split their home & home. I absolutely LOVED that beatdown in Montreal. They needed a dose of humility. Leek will probably end up in the UFL or arena league.

BC's looking scary good!

Toronto is currently up 4 points so Winnipeg has to beat TO in their two remaining meetings to get ahead and then win more than Toronto in the other remaining games.

Hamilton has both Toronto and Winnipeg in their season series so has to finish behind both clubs to be out.

Other Opponents:

Toronto: Mtl., Mtl., Sask, Sask, Hamilton, Edmonton (+ Wpg. X 2)
Winnipeg: BC, BC, Mtl, Mtl, Edmonton, Calgary (+ Tor. X 2)
Hamilton: Edm, Edm, BC, BC, Tor, Sask, Mtl, Cal

I give Toronto 3-4 wins out of those last 8 (a split with Wpg.)
I give Winnipeg 2-5, (a split with TO).
I give Hamilton 3-5 out of their last 8.

So- the edge goes to Hamilton for 2nd.
Right now the edge goes to Toronto for 3rd.

Yeah. Toronto's struggling and if Boyd is out for an extended period of time, they could be in trouble.
Winnipeg doesn't really miss a beat with Jyles at quarterback and Hamilton has no running game and consistently poor kicking.

All of a sudden the East looks like it could be a dogfight...

The same could be said about the West to some extent. BC looks better and Saskatchewan is struggling.

if toronto beats winnipeg next week ( which is looking unlikely ), they take the season series, and open a 3 win lead over them. that will make it very hard for the bombers to make the eastern playoffs.

luckly for the bombers, the argos are killing themselves and will be without boyd or copeland.

If the Bombers can win the two games against the Argos then we only have to keep pace with the Argos, not win more in the other remaining games. If the Bombers win those games and both the Argos and Bombers have the same record in the other games then they will finish in a tie with the season series deciding placement.

Right... mindslip. Still requires both wins over the Argos. You may have the better team right now but you have such a big hole to climb out of. One Toronto win over you and disaster looms. That next game between you and the Argos is going to be INTERESTING!

How big is the game next week in Toronto.
An Argo win probably gets two in a row as the bad Esks are next in Moncton.
But a loss, puts the Bombers all of a sudden in the chase and especially since it’s no lock the Cats can beet the resurgent Lions in the Couv.

I agree that things may tighten up. However, I stand by my analysis of the entire remaining schedule.

Unless Hamilton tanks completely they should get at least 3 wins… 5 would be a dream. That gives them 16-20 pts.
Toronto gets 3-4 wins and so ends with 16-18 points.
Winnipeg may catch on fire and get 5 of 8… or may not. I call 10-16 points. They NEED to beat Toronto in both games.

If they do, then Toronto’s likely win total goes down and Hamilton would clinch 2nd - even backing into the playoffs.
If TO and Wpg. split then things remain interesting but Winnipeg is hoping to run the board and looking for a Cat collapse or an Argo collapse.
If Toronto wins both then the Bombers seem destined to watch the playoffs on their big screens.

Yeah… lots of guessing. The play of BC, and the play of Mtl. in the last couple of weeks in the season (do they rest against TO?) will tell the tale.

Montreal will win the East and Ham or Toronto will be second but Montreal will win the East, McPherson might be better than Calvillo given more game play! Yikes. :o :o :o

Now for Winnipeg after today's performance, interesting, Jyles is DA man!

Cat collapse or Argo collapse is not out of the ordinary. Winnipeg right now is better than both of these teams IMHO. Reid, great back.

hamilton swept the series against the bombers.

hamilton looked so bad against the als, partly due to only 4 days rest.
your not supposed to play 2 FOOTBALL games in 5 days.

Certainly after this weekend, the Argos and the Bombers are two teams going the opposite direction.
With the Cats, everything at least for the short term depends on what happens in Vancouver.

I voted Mon, Ham, Tor, and Win (out of the playoffs). The East is still Montreal's division until someone can consistently beat them. I think Toronto will struggle a bit without Boyd, and Hamilton seems to be taking it to Winnipeg and Toronto, so I give Hamilton second. I put Winnipeg out of the playoffs for two reasons: 1) They have to catch up to Toronto and Hamilton, which I realize isn't that big of a gap (two games), but I just don't see it happening, and 2) If they don't pass Toronto or Hamilton, they'd have to beat BC, and right now those teams are tied.

Yes Montreal remains the team to beat.
Hamilton I suspect is the odds on for second place.
Thereafter all bets are off as the Bombers appear much better after this weekend then my Argos.
They have a legitimate first string QB and a healty first string running back. We only have a RB, but he is not healthy.

...i wouldn't count the Bombers out of anything,,,,This team is just turning the cornor and in reality have been in almost every game...IF they continue to improve, they're going to be A LOT of trouble for somebody in the play-offs...They'll be there :wink: Argos are getting a look at the Bomber squad next....A win in t.o. and things tighten-up considerably...the cats aren't exactly home and cooling out either....Should be a good finish in the east div. :rockin:

Where is the 1st or 2nd place option for the Bombers. :wink:

Next year. :wink: :wink:

Hamilton did not sweep the series. The Bombers won the first game.

:lol: That's good.