Has the West ever been decided earlier?

Wow! The standings with the Lions logo at the top sure looks good! :thup: Click on Game Day and then Standings to see what I mean. Let's hope it lasts.

Has the West's playoff positions ever been decided earlier than this season? Last year it came down to the Lions' and Esks' last game or very close to it. This year there's still 22% of the season remaining. Saskatchewan is out. It would require an 8 game miracle for the Roughies to get in. The Riders would have to win at least 3 and tie one game while Hamilton would have to lose all of its remaining games. It's not going to happen.

I've not checked out the stats but it would be interesting if the season playoff positions were settled earlier in other seasons. This appears to be a first. I cannot say enough about how Wally and the Lions have turned things around.

It was as recently as August 05, 2011 that the Lions were sitting in the cellar of the west with a lousy 2 points after knocking off Saskatchewan. Now look where they are! And there is more to come. Basking in 1st place atop of the standings board has got to feel pretty darn good for the Lions. I never thought I'd see the season unfold this way but it has and it feels great.

..you make it sound like the current positions are locks, there are still four games left and although Sask is definitely out (yay!) positions 1, 2 and 3 are still hotly debated....

...btw, good game on Friday, I was in Kamloops having turkey with the outlaws, good win for the leos....

One other season comes to mind; 1977 all three teams finished with 10-6 records.
1- Edmonton
2- Lions
3- Winnipeg
In the end Lions win over Winnipeg in a thriller at Old Empire in the Semi-Final - then lose out to Edmonton in the Final
Grey Cup - Montreal wins easily over Edmonton in the Ice Bowl at Montreal
Edit: Key to victory was the staples in Montreal's cleats.

Yes, I could have worded it more clearly. I thought when I said, "Let's hope it lasts." [as in the Lions remaining on top] that it was understood.

I remember that game. And remember the cameraman showing the staples on the cleats. Interestingly the Esks went on to win 5 consecutive Grey Cups. Talk about a dynasty! Gosh that's a ring on every finger of the right hand. Kind of reminds me of the Oiler years.