Has the "Curse" been lifted!?!?!

Could it be?!?!? Have our rantings and prayers been answered!?!?

I just watched the latest episode of Ticats Ambush (you'll find it on the homepage) where they go and find people wearing Cats merch.

In video, the second guy they find -- which takes place in Dundas -- plays a game of Hangman against Stripes.

Lo and Behold, the answer to the puzzle was:


Could this be what we've been waiting for? The organization lifting their ridiculous restriction!?!

Ohhhh happy day!!! Bring on the wins!!


If only it was that simple.

I'm educated, articulate and a good parent and I have no problem at all raising my childern to have the phrase ARGO'S **** incorporated into their vocabulary.

Maybe that's just me, i'm a different breed of cat.