Has the CFL done a better job of hiring minority coaches?

The NFL coaching search seems to be about the same as usual…

Qualified minority candidates hired: 0

Such a shame…

(This is a Tweet from Warren Moon)


Warren's Tweet:

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What's his definition of qualified? Seems to me in todays world that that word means something different than it used to. I'm sure if Warren were a team owner it would mean something different.

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Good question. If I was to take a stab at answering your question I'd say, "It's all about getting results."


I would say yes .

Two former head coaches in the east .

GM's thru the years .

Willie Wood way back when ....... the first .

The CFL does try to reflect it's players with coaches .

The CFL does appear on the surface to be a better league for looking at qualifications . The league here seemed to grow quicker in open minded thinking especially at the leadership role at QB .

The CFL's record for equality
of opportunity within appears to be good compared to the NFL's .

But you never know there is probably incidents that contradicts that opinion .


Well said. Hiring on the basis race is wrong. Not hiring on the basis of race is far worse.


Anecdotally, it doesn’t appear to me that either football league has done a great job. I am thinking that the motivation behind this double edged sword thinking (as Paul noted) is to have the coaching profile of the league be closer to the player profile. There are not too many old white guys playing the game. I know the NFL has a policy in place to promote “minority” hiring but don’t know if the CFL does.

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zero? as in there has never been a minority HC in the league??

CFL doesn't matter in this discussion in terms of the media coverage, sure among us fans here in Canada we can discuss it but amounts to zilch in the total discussion which is all about American media coverage of such topics.
CFL is a nothing really on this topic.


There have been many. But the percentage of coaches that are minorities is far less than the percentage of players that are minorities.

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I think Warren Moon was referring to recent hires. The only Minority Head Coach (Mike Tomlin) in the NFL is in Pittsburgh but he's been there a while.


Fair enough.

I like to think we did a reasonably good job NOT discriminating against minorities when it comes to hiring in the CFL as compared to the NFL. :smiley:


Look guys, if there is anyone who thinks that in this day and age that an owner of a professional sports team would pass up hiring a winning coach on the basis of his race is living in a dream world. There is only one color that matters to them and that color is green. It's all about winning, not race.

maybe you dont understand the power of racism in a persons heart and mind.


I have to agree.

But the problem they have to face in the NFL is that despite the 'Rooney' Rule (that's been around since 2003)... there's only one black head coach in the entire league right now. The numbers don't look good.


You would think so, but the fact remains that there is only one black head coach in the league, which is out of proportion to the percentage of black players. In the ‘70’s Warren Moon talked about his initial difficulties in trying to become a black QB in the NFL and that they weren’t considered “smart” enough to be a QB. No one is saying that now but still, why the disproportion? Blacks and other minorities make up a substantial proportion of the players, but not coaches and front office staff. I don’t claim to know the reasons for this but if I was a minority I would be questioning it too.


Maybe someone on here can make a list of black head coaches out there that are qualified to be in the NFL but aren't.

The CFL has given opportunity to many but is failing with their "Diversity is Strength" initiative by not having any black referees or game officials. They continue to say none apply but the reality is the CFL does not recruit them.


The CFL talks large, but delivery small on this topic.
They need to improve.


If only that simplistic narrative were true, and the scoreboard indicates to far more than me otherwise. Back to Warren Moon's tweet, as is not just from any former player on this matter.