Has the Cats being awful ruined your whole CFL experience?

I am a big CFL fan.
Historically, I pretty much watch any CFL game that I can
so long that I have a rooting interest.
Trying to figure out what is best for the Cats pretty much decides who I root for.

With the Cats being out of things so early, it no longer matters who wins throughout the league.
Now, all that I am interested in watching are of course Cat games, and rooting against the Argos.
All the other games mean nothing until the playoffs.

The Cats being out of the playoff race so early has eliminated my interest in the CFL for the year...again!!!

No Cause I have Learn so much from Talking to coaches Players and Staff.

Shure I wish we where Winning more.

But you see the peaces are Starting to fall into place. That is Exciting to me.

Onkinight, do not get me wrong.
I still attend every home game, and watch the road games on TV.

I have just lost interest in watching Montreal play Winnipeg for example, where in years past if we were battling with one of those teams for first place, I would be keen to watch that game, and root against the team we were battling for first with.
Thats the experience that I miss with the Cats being out so early every year.

Not for me, I enjoy watching the CFL games as much as ever and being someone who was always an Argo fan first and foremost, until I moved to Hamilton in the mid '80's, well, the Argos still do have a soft spot in my heart have to admit.
The thing I like about the smallish CFL is that I find it is easier to know the players and follow the league whether the Cats are in the mix or not.

Nope. It has caused my ulcer to flare up, but I still love football.

Of course I wish we were winning and still in the playoffs, but I still enjoy seeing the Cats go out there and give their all and some of the things I've seen have given me some hope for next season. We've got some very good players to build on.

I was hoping for a Western crossover with the blue team out of the playoffs, but since that isn't going to happen I want Montreal and Wpg to finish 1-2 so that the blue team doesn't host a playoff game.

Well, I'd like to see another TiCat-Argo playoff game before I cash in my chips but I still enjoy every CFL game. It is disappointing to see the Cats falter so badly though. Nevertheless, I have high hopes for 2008. A couple of good (and I mean really good) off-season signings and they will be in the hunt.

An Argo-Cat fan

I, honestly, feel bad for the Argos. They've done everything they can to increase their popularity in Toronto...on the field and off of it.

Having even a slightly meaningful rivalry--over the course of the last 4 years-- in Hamilton would've generated even more excitement for CFL in Southern Ontario.

We've completely hung them out to dry on that front. When their smallest crowds of the season come against us, that's saying a whole lot about our football team.

I don't think we've hung the Argos out to dry. Toronto should be able to stand on it's own two feet. The Argos in Toronto will be a 20,000-30,000 attendance thing as long as the team has good local ownership and is run well and somewhat competitive. Sure a lot of us CFL fanatics think they should pack the Rogers Centre every game but I don't see it happening there for a lot of reasons. Whether that means they should move to a 25,000-30,000 seater in the future, well, who knows.

As long as its a good game. I'll watch

PERSONALLY - definitely NOT ...

I am a CFL Football fan FIRST and FOREMOST ... who happens to live in this geographic Region ...

I go to as many Argo games as I do Ticat games ... I get as EXCITED by a Dominick Dorsey kick return for a TD as I do for a Nate Curry KR for a TD. A great run by Joffrey Reynolds is worth as much to me as a great run by Jesse Lumsden ... I can appreciate a Paris Jackson one handed stab as much as I can appreciate DJ Flick laying out his body for a reception.

I am MORE BOTHERED by Henry Burris' injury than I am the DISMAL fortune of the Tiger Cats ... I like to see the BEST this League has to OFFER ... by ALL Teams.

The CFL is an EXCITING and INHERENTLY interesting League, with many IDIOSYNCRATIC attributes which keep me INTERESTED in the WHOLE Picture ... regardless of how the team that plays in my Region is doing at any given time.


no, just the opposite.
the tiger-cats being barely competitive has left me with nothing else but my cfl experience: the best league, in the best sport, in the world.

not even the tiger-cats can ruin that.

the tiger-cats being awful has insead ruined my tiger-cat experience. they are a waste of my money, and are getting to be a waste of time.

and my time is valuable.

the tiger-cats — and i go to all games here, and watch all other cfl games on tv — are now irrelevant, again. there's a party going on, and it's really fun (race for playoff spots, the playoffs, the grey cup) and we are not involved ... again.

we are so woeful we can't even play spoiler. (if edmonton gets maas we won't win another game this year. but maybe even stefen leflors can beat us.)

no steak, no sizzle, no hope ... just despair. boo hoo hoo!

Rooting for the ticats is an experience like no other....u always know what the outcome is going to be and when they do win its a HUGE surprise....thats why we only win twice a year...lol :wink:

Don't forget about the annual 2 wins in pre-season

I would say the fans have ruined it for me.
Im a 1st time year fan and i sure do dislike it

Cm1612 Not all of us are bad..
I am Grateful players like brother who
Work hard to give us a Chance to win every week.

sometime we take for Granted we have a Team.

Well, you can't deny that a divisional race against the provincial arch-rivals wouldn't juice those numbers a bit.

The Argos have had a mediocre season and have still averaged about 28,000...give or take. If they were at all in a battle with us, this would generate some interest and attention. Add a Grey Cup year to that and they should be in the 31-33,000 range easily.

Tough to do though when you host our sorry a$$es and draw 26,000...with only about 200 bothering to make the trip from Hamilton.

(Edit: not to mention that the game I was at in Toronto...the Labour Day rematch, was some of the worst CFL football ever played and likely set the perception of the game back a number of years among casual T.O fans.)

Yeah, we hung them out to dry.