Has Sully Been Furloughed?

There is an ominous posting of his name on Mar. 13 CFL Transactions, and I no longer see him listed on the CFL staff list.

@sully are you there??

Shoot this is terrible if true but in the last year all too normal. :no_mouth: :neutral_face:

Even coming out of this pandemic these are odd times.

I'm one of those folks that was working and has had to be at work for almost the entire ordeal, and even we have had a harder time despite having work and pay because our costs for almost everything, not only medical costs and health-related costs, were up like for everybody else.

Having been there on and off the last time around from March 2018 through January 2019, I don't wish prolonged unemployment on anybody but the most vile of folks.

Not having to go to work is great for about 10 days or so when you have the money to cover it or for taking a trip, but even then even when you do have enough to make ends meet a bit longer there is only so much you can be at home after two weeks out of work and you have done all your stuff that you normally put off.

Work is called work and not "fun" for a reason, but I know many like me who after a few weeks of rest simply gets more done overall when I have part of my day structured by a job or business activity.

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Oh that is hilarious - I did a mandatory system upgrade to the roster system the CFL uses and had to do a test insert of a transaction, obviously using myself for that purpose.

But now that it's come up: I actually did resign in January and no longer work for the Canadian Football League. I'm now here purely on a volunteer basis, and do a bit of contract work for them as they take some time to replace me at the league office. It was a good run of five years but I am now ready to do something new. Thanks for asking!


Well sully, thanks for all you have done! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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So, uh, maybe you will contract for the CFL/XFL if it goes through because no doubt they will need somebody qualified on the ground in Canada right? It's not like you don't have the credentials and experience.

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Good to hear you left on your own, thought you might have been the 1st victim of the CFL/XFL merger :slightly_smiling_face:

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If that that something new is the merged league should that happen, there's no one better for the role!


Just sign up him already Randy. It's hard to find good help these days don't you know?

Thought something was up with the brave and cavalier I prefer 4 downs post .

Best wishes , Sully .

I noticed that post too though read it wrongly. I thought perhaps he had some inside scoop into the discussions and that was some hint.

Oh well now we know more like you stated.

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Best of luck to you Sully in your new venture! And thank you for all your efforts while you were here.

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I would absolutely come back as Chief Technology Officer for the CXFL.

Damn it you guys are sharp - yeah, I wouldn't have made that comment if I was full-time.

Thank you! It was great fun. And as you can see I remain very engaged and interested in what happens to the CFL.


Maybe it's some things opening up or at least brighter light at the end of this tunnel of the last year, but maybe more people are in a better mood on this site too now?

It's as if a band should start playing now like after a touchdown in a college football game and then we just get on with the rest of the game.

And anybody looking for new work or more work don't I feel you - I've stayed with my current job principally only because I know how daunting it is out there right now even for those fully and exceptionally qualified to start a new opportunity.

Some of this lag is due to the cutting of the resources needed for any larger concern to hire employees and not simply due to sheer financial trouble.

In 2019 many companies had thought that they could do more with less via apps and part-timers. Now even those with means are having backlogs and trouble hiring or when they are hiring, they are having considerable trouble getting people who are truly qualified and not all the pretenders.

Like a wise real estate broker in Florida once told us in training: "We hire who we like not nearly so much as who actually can get the job done." I've seen it most everywhere I have worked over the decades now.

The pandemic, like any given disruptive human event, obliterated that false paradigm that the "app" would handle most of the job like so many false paradigms of society in the recent past. You need good people to get more done right with better technology not all too often less.

Well now maybe we know why he could not fix the character or likes limitations.

But now I wonder who has the red phone and the "ABORT" button near his desk?

And I wonder which one of them tried to press ABORT once, but then later said it was only for testing purposes?

Wow. Impressive and incredibly classy move, Sully. My hats off to you. Quietly going about your business, and keeping your resignation to yourself without any fanfare.

Thank you so very much for all you do around here. This forum is in a far better place because of you. The league needs more people like you. :clap:


Probably Randy. lol

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Well, I heard the recent news from Red and White this morning, and though these lyrics do not directly apply, the spirit of the song has the right idea and well, Sully, even for cameos please come back until they figure out this new future at least? @Sully

And well, it's a great song to try and sing with your buddies perhaps in the car on the way home after one of those bygone pre-pandemic nights out drinking too. It makes the Top 10 for that drunken singing list I reckon.

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