Has silly season started in other CFL cities?

I'm curious to know to what degree media coverage changes in the cities that have both a CFL and NHL franchise.

TSN1050 radio here in Toronto is broadcasting most of the day from the Mastercard Centre - the Maple Leafs practice facility and site of their training camp, which I guess opens today.
Now, I understand that hockey is the number 1 sport in the country, but, at least in Toronto, the media coverage of all things Maple Leafs is insane.
Last year, the same TSN1050 radio station - the "Voice of the Argonauts" - moved their broadcast of a regular season Argos game to an affiliated (non-sports) radio station, so they could broadcast a Maple Leafs preseason game!

I won't continue my rant, but I'd like to know if the CFL gets bumped down in coverage once the hint of NHL starting comes along.

Same in Montreal. They spent over 90 percent of their air time last week discussing the merit of not naming a Captain...

The Ottawa Sun has DOZENS of Sens stories this week alone


...............and the NHL preview
and at least a DOZEN other non-Sens articles

http://www.ottawasun.com/sports/hockey [url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/09/18/the-top-50-nhl-players-for-2014]http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/09/18/the ... s-for-2014[/url]

way over the top coverage, I guess I'm not a loyal Canadian because I have never seen what the point is in watching hockey, to me it's a very boring sport. ............ :roll:

Since we are Canadian, I understand the coverage on hockey but on the day after the first NFL games there was 16 pages of American football in the sports pages of the Sun. The result of the Argo game was a few pages further in after baseball. And we wonder why nobody goes to the Dump to see CFL football.

Here in Hamilton, we got an announcement that the Bulldogs season is about to start and their home opener is vs the Marlies on Oct 17th, but it's not crazy and got about the same amount of airtime as Justin Hickman resigning. Pretty much there's no Hamilton news outlet going crazy about the incoming NHL season, just the Toronto stations we pickup.

I have little doubt if Hamilton did have an NHL team though, the coverage would be unrelenting.

Winnipeg is very good and probably has the best media coverage of the CFL in any city. Either CJOB or TSN radio will be interviewing or doing something on the CFL. Today for eg.TSN radio , they talked to a ex. Bomber who played with Jacob's and Ploen. CJOB also has coach's and call in shows during the week. The Jets will be featured as camp opens, but both stations do a great job paying the CFL it's due .

Absolutely and by quite a margin, might be out of respect since the city was damaged and ignored by the NHL for years but its great to see a media that can provide fair coverage to all its teams. :thup:

Hockey is covered so much that it turns me off. Fortunately there are other things on television though besides sports channels. :wink: