Has Miller morphed into Danny Barrett?

Has coach Miller taken a page out of Danny Barrett's offensive play selection and stay with an ineffective QB, to the point where we lose a game? Miller needs to bite the bullet sooner and change the QB when he can't move the team.

Move to who? Steven Jyles?? I'm less confident with him than Durant.

Exactly!! Move to who?? Why is it they release Crandel because he's ineffective so they hire him to teach the new QB's?? Kind of like the blind leading the blind isn't it?

Well, one big difference is the situation that Barrett and Miller were in. Barrett hung in with veterans (e.g. Greene, Crandall) who couldn't get it done. Miller, at least this year, is working with a relative newby. We can't on one hand say we have to develop a quarterback and on the other expect the development time to be virtually instantaneous. One does not develop on the bench. It's not how you start, it's how you finish so losses like this don't concern me all that much. We were in the game to the bitter end, Durant did improve over last week (not saying there isn't a ways to go in that development process) and the team (esp. a hobbled O-line) still has to gel.

I don't envy his job one iota - guy's in a perpetual catch-22. If he pulls the QB, some fans fly off the handle for pulling them (read all the boards last year, for example) too soon. He leaves them in, other (and oftentime, the same) fans fly off the handle for leaving them in too long.

Tough crowd.

I agree with legal in the sence that we need to develop a QB but at the same time we have to ask ourselfs "does this QB have what it takes?, can he be a game winning QB?

That's a fair question - there should be constant evaluation. It's just that "development", by definition = "time". We live in a world now of instant satisfaction - instant reponses to communications, instant meals, instant service. Add to the list "instant stars". It's really a very subjective judgment call as to how much time is enough time. I think that, years ago, qb's really were given years (at least a year); now young qb's gotta produce in weeks or they're out. Just don't think it works that way for complex positions in complex systems.

I gotta agree legal. I don`t think Jyles or Bell would have put up 39 points today. The guy has arms and bodies in his way all day long. O line injuries are looming large rite now, especially for a relative rookie.

Let's begin with Danny Barret having a bum rap regarding how he "stuck" with qBs. Coaches---ALL coaches--rarely pull qBs. And in that regard, DB was average. A lot of people claim he "stuck" with Nealon too long. In 7 years, Nealon started just slightly more than 2 seasons. And played very well. That is hardly "sticking" with a QB. Then consider Nealon had a winning record as a starter over that time.....and had he not broken his leg.....
Anyway, the rule of thumb is, you do not pull your starter if the game is in doubt. At what time do you feel the game was no longer in doubt and therefore DD should have been yanked?
Ken Miller's QB carousel last year was disasterous. And we are still paying the price this year. But at least he seems to have learned.

After a night to sleep on it, I still say we stick with Darian Durant.

Given the fact that our O-line is a patch-work and our offensive play calling is very unimaginative, I say keep Darain in.

No turnovers at least this week. QB's don't develop 4 games into the season. This is gonna take time, we should all know that, Miller knows that.

Miller is a good coach, he can hold the team together and hopefully we can fix this mess at the offensive line. Hopefully Gene will comeback and play Tackle.

Things Miller should work on this week,

Cates also doesn't seem 100% yet. He's gotta be a bigger factor in the game. The coaching staff has to get more imaginative. Get a run game going. Or do better on first down. These wide 6 yard passes are getting very predictable. Offence has to be far more consistent. Continue to preach ball security.

We also have to improve our run defence. That is our achillies heel on Defence right now.

Our short yardage situation is a joke. we're 50/50 at best and it should be 90%. This is really starting to cost us games.

I’m sure Darian will be much better when we get a running game going. So lay off the coaches for not pulling him. He almost pulled it out yesterday - it wasn’t his fault our O’line couldn’t gut it out and push for the 2 more inches we needed to keep that drive alive. Hey - remember that if we hadn’t given up that safety we could’ve tied the game - so darian had us in a position to win and I think the rest of the team can be shouldered with just as much of the blame for this loss. And as for Miller morphing into Danny Barrett - you’ll never hear Miller making excuses for the loss.

I completely agree with all of your post but just want to clarify the bolded part. That's the "what if" game. We just don't know what really would have transpired because it didn't have the opportunity to happen.

It did remind ALOT of the Danny Barrett era

Danny Barrett was young and had major upside as a head coach, worth investing time and money into.

Danny Barrett made mistakes as a head coach, but that's all part of growing into a position, and I had no problem seeing DB's potential develop.

We get the same mistakes and growing pains with sophomore Miller, but Miller is retiring next year, so all this time, effort and money spent on coach Millers development is actually a farse.

I respect coah Miller, but I would invest my money in developing a young DB over an aged retiring KM any day............sorry.

Durant is still 6-2... And where did you read Miller will retire next year?

I'm sick of hearing "Durant is 6-0, 6-1, 6-2." Bishop was a Heisman runner-up and the winning-est starting QB in the CFL the past two seasons. Don't get me wrong, Bishop turned the ball over enough times to be benched but he also made far more big plays than DD.
In my mind, DD is only a solid backup and it's time for the Riders to start thinking about a new QB. Unfortunately neither Jyles nor Bell will do better than DD, and I have no other 'sure bet' suggestions.
I particularly cringe at even the thought of Printers.

Sometimes, it's good to let your QB watch the defence from the sidelines, and watch the plays develop from another angle. Film study is nice, but being there and watching it develop also allows you to develop your backup, and lets your starting QB interpret what he sees and help out. Sticking with Durant is showing that Durant needs the reps more than anyone else. They want to develop Durant and see where it goes before they start worrying about anybody else.

Although Durant was playing well, and moving the offence on those drives, until he handed the ball to Jyles who turned it over on downs, or threw a nice pass on a 3rd down gamble which was ( supposedly ) jarred loose by the defender.

He is a young quarterback. Give him time. Either he will pan out, or he won't. Nobody has patience around here.

Excuse me? Blind leading blind? Give me a friggin break, Crandell was a great QB with a Grey Cup ring. A leader in the locker room and well, well respected. His greatest playing time is simply behind him, but guess what, he was there, and therefore still has TONS to offer in terms as a QB coach. You very obviously don't know the guy and have no clue about his ability to mentor young QB's. When you get back from lunch (because you are obviously out right now), rethink this statement. When you have something meaningful to offer, please do, but in the meantime try using GOOGLE before making stupid statements.

After that many 2 and outs he should have been pulled. even Miller said there were too many!

If he was that great he'd still be playing then wouldn't he??? Maybe when you get out of bed with him you'll realise that!