Has Miller lost this team?

I can't help but notice the selfish penalties that this team continues to take game in and game out. They have kept drives alive and they have cost us alot of points. This team was one of the least penalized not too long ago.

I thought They played for the coach, now they just do what they want. Has he lost the locker room?

I'd guess that more likely it is a combination of frustration and trying to do too much. The guys still look to be playing hard, but I think Miller has stretched himself too thin, and isn't doing any of his three jobs fully or properly. (VP, HC, and OC)

Maybe, but it is getting so old to see these penalties and half of them from the same players not even close to the play. When does the professional come in to thier play. Still playing well with no penalties is something to reach for. But to keep drives alive due to penalties and lack of tackling in 2nd and long resulting in a first Dow I stead of a punt... Soooo old this season.

Room = lost.

He lost it at 42-5. In fact he probably lost it on the 100 yard TD to Arland Bruce. Not that any other coach wouldn't have lost it either, but ... sorry. True.

Maybe more accurately, the room lost itself.

The proof was the first quarter against Calgary.