Has Mass lost some armstrength?

Happy to see overall he is definitely improving, however, He made a couple of long passes last night. Is it just me being a nervous fan or do any of you hold your breath as you watch the ball float and wobble through the air in a high arcking pattern only to come down amongst 1 Ticat receiver and 3 defenders.

Has his off season operation cost him arm strength?

Have you thought that he may be REBUILDING his arm strength?

ROTFL. If thats the case he should be on the DL

His arm has not been strong since the end of the 2005 season in Edmonton.

Maybe he's a lefty and just forgot.

Not sure that he has lost it, but I think he is still regaining the strength, and could still be getting comfortable with any changes after the off-season injury.

He certainly doesn't throw many tight spirals, particularly on deep balls.

I think Jason is doing OK, and hope he can continue to strengthen his arm to the point were those deep balls have a little more zip.


his overall play has improved, but i’m not convinced that his arm is healing or will ever be what it once was. when he throws with a little more zip, i will admit that he might just need time to completely recover from the surgery.

maas seems to look better every game.

im starting to think its mostly his crappy choice of receivers this year.

is it that maas is playing btter or is the team around him playing better. i think the latter. but haveingsaid that the receivers still stink.

i disagree as soon as we get someone deep we'll see i guess. another few weeks of lumsden and the oline doing their thing you're gonna see a more open concept pertaining to the deep pass.
maas has never had the strongest arm in the league but from what i see it looks he has been getting some zip on the ball more each week. it has to do with confidence and knowing were your receivers are going to be.

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As much as I like the propects of seeing Chang, I think many of the ducks Maas throws are related to footwork as much as armstrengh. Quite often on the replays you seen that he was unable or choose not to step up into the pocket to set for his throw. Last game he seemed to have more time and a little more confidence and it seemed to show on some throws. Getting more relaxed in the pocket will probably help as he starts to trust his OL and himself more.