Has Mark Cohon fallen off task as CFL boss?

I was wondering how the bulk of you would vote in this poll. There have been a few issues in the forums and news media that are leaving fans wondering where the league(more particularly Cohon) stands on certain issues and the time frames of the issues. To name a few there is the (possible/probable?) suspension of Jason Jimenez, officiating issues(replay, completed pass, rep. in booth, etc.), and the permanent reworking of the SMS. Now these are just a few along with the schedule delays of recent resolve. So, Has Mark Cohon fallen off task as CFL boss?


I don’t think so.

Kel, I couldn't agree more. My nickname for Cohon is the Invisible man.

Tom Wright was more available for comment.

So far, unless there are more back room stuff we don't know about, Cohon couldn't carry Tom Wrights Jock strap!

OK Mike chimes in with the bear vote(fr those who have been sleeping all winter). Good good.


Mark appears to be so far all talk but no substance.
I know what we all think about Marty York, but I am not sure most of what he writes about the Commish is not true.


The overwhelming majority has it. He's doing a good job. Lets move on.

I for one find the remark about returning to corporate America somewhat offencive. The man is a HUGE fan of the CFL, a Canadian, has an abundance of enthusiasm and has both the experience and the pedigree to be an excellent leader. Most agree he says enough. I'm positive he also does a great deal behind the scenes, where a lot of business should take place. Stuff the snide remarks about returning to corporate America, as if he's some kind of pinstripe puppet of the evil colossus.

What? A whole ELEVEN MONTHS has past and there's no team in Halifax yet? That's almost an entire year! Scandalous! What bunk. Maybe Marty hand-over-the-franchise York should be commissioner. What a joke. If I was Cohon I wouldn't talk to scumbag editorialists masquerading as sports reporters either. I suggest that York's REAL agenda is to pressure Cohon into making a rash mistake so that York can get a woody when the CFL gets in trouble with another loser ownership situation.

/end rant

I've found Cohon's June 2007 state of the league announcement.


There are some things that have since been applied, some that have not. But as usual Marty York ignores or forgets certain things.

Marty sez: "He told us Ottawa would be back in the CFL in short order,"

Cohon said: "Cohon couldn't provide a timeline for future expansion."

Marty sez: "Cohon told us before last season the CFL would be re-introducing an annual All-Star Game"

Cohon said: "''And I think an all-star game is definitely one that we're starting to percolate the idea of in our office.''

Not quite the same tone that Marty would have us believe.

I would give Cohon until the next state of the league address for one simple reason; If things have moved along at all on a drug-testing policy of any other issue that we don't hear about regularly, that is when the subject will be brought up. If cohon's quotes are all near-identical, then we'll know he's more talk than action.

////so far i'm very disappointed in Cohon....i think he leaves a lot to be desired....not the 'get it done' promo man that he alluded to be before his hiring...I don't like his wish-washy stance taken with the nfl...and i believe he should be pressing the nfl for a new deal... i don't like, ' well the Bills are here ,might as well enjoy the game' attitude he takes...especially after their intent to slip their league across the border into Canadas' biggest city with no real advantage to the CFL.....i agree with Sport...bring back Tom Wright.... just my opinion.. :expressionless:

Cohon has to be more forceful and decisive when in the public eye. I don't care how he is in the backroom, he comes across as wimpy on TV.

Instead of worrying how the NFL will take care of the CFL, Cohon should be out there making the CFL stronger. So that it can take on and destroy any future challenges.

And instead of letting these light weight Taranna media types slag the league, he should be out there fighting back.

I have an idea. Brian Burke for CFL commissioner. Somebody who will tell it like it is. And who will do what he says he will.

You get more action from a maniquin.

I'd give him a break simply because of issues that have arisen in his first year that have never happened to this league before.

The whole suspension fiasco was not his fault, and he handled it as best he could, but you can't change the rules mid season and the blame falls on CFLPA and the odd rules in place.

I think he has handled the Toronto thing ok as well. I think people just seem to think issues can be resolved over night and that's not the case.

Patience isn't a bad idea folks, don't rush to judge someone.

I voted that he was doing an okay job. As for the suspension thing, he was front and centre of the issue before the arbitrator said it would be delayed until after the season was over. The problem is he has been silent on it since the announcement was made. He should have come out and said, we are pushing to have this issue resolved before free agency or spring training or whatever.

He could be doing significantly more. But that is what got Tom into trouble. He tried to move things to far to fast for some teams.

You guys don't want a business manager or promoter, you want a dictator you can strong-arm the owners into doing his bidding, right or wrong. You want a damn the torpedos guy who doesn't care if he pisses people off of burns bridges instead of building them.

You want Don Cherry. Thank heaven the CFL has more sense than to put some clown like that in charge.

Cohon understands who the boss are...He is the BOG's mouthpiece. For better or for worse...

They already did hire someone like that.Mike Lysko

Tom Wright > Mark Cohon

X2, :thup:

I do think any leader or a Commissioner has to pick his spots or battles when necessary.
To date, Mark has done really neither or like some have said a whole lot of wishy washy.

I think people put too much merit in how public a commissioner is. Tom Wright was a likeable guy, who was publicly visible a lot of times, but the CFL lost a franchise with him at the helm.

Was it really his fault? I'd best most of the fault lies with the Board of Governors in this league, but the commish takes the fall.

I suspect losing the Ottawa franchise had very little to do with Tom's departure. The Ottawa franchise was doomed to failure from the beginning. The management of the team, the coaching of the team, the city for the team were all wrong for various reasons.

The fact that the league bent over backwards to give it incentives to ensure it would succeed was just wrong.

While I suspect some may blame Tom for some of the problems. It was clear who the ring leaders were that sunk Tom's future in the CFL. They are some of the same BOG who would like to see franchise player rules or exemptions built into sms.