Has Marcus Thigpen ever played DB?

I'm thinking of a possible 6th way for him to score a TD this year, and interception or fumble return for a TD occurs to me. I still remember the 70's when both Lewis Porter and David Shaw played both ways (as WR and CB) to add speed to our O so the idea isn't totally beyond belief :wink: .

If this did happen it would literally be one untouchable record, unlike some (Gordie Howe's most career points for example) that although were extremely difficult to exceed but were ultimately beaten. It would even be a far harder record to beat than Bob Beamon's long jump record set at the 68 Mexico City Olympics.

8) When Lewis Porter originally signed with the Cats in 1971, he was a wide receiver (with blinding speed).
 However the Cats decided to convert him to the CB position.  He struggled teribbly for several games at his new 
  position, but the Cats stuck with him and Porter eventually became an All Star Cornerback for several years.
  He may have been used as a WR a few times during his career with the Cats, but his main job was CB !!

  David Shaw was signed as a natural CB, from the Dallas Cowboys, and that was the only position he played in Hamilton
  during his All Star career !!

  Neither Lewis Porter, or David Shaw played both ways for the Cats during the 70's !!!

Let's not forget the likes of Garney Henley (DB and WR) and Joe Zuger (QB and Db) who I believe almost single handedly anihilated Saskatchewan something like 72-14 one night in Hamilton!

Remember the 1967 Grey Cup game: Hamilton over Sask. 24-1

Also, Dave Viti, who played defensive end and tight end.

This has already been posted on July 29. According to an interview with Marcus, he said his next favourite position would be DB. It would be amazing to see.

Well when were winning by 30 points in the 4th quarter next week, we can put him there it see what happens. :wink:

So either I have "false memory syndrome" (FMS) or you do sir. :slight_smile: I believe that both LP and DS played WR in just one season. They didn't play 60 minutes as well. It was more like in the 60's when Garney Henley was brought in as a receiver when the Cats needed a big play. Again my aged memory (FMS?) says this was while Jerry Williams was still coaching the team. So this would have had to happen between 1973 to 1975, if at all. While I might be wrong, and if so would be willing to eat my share of crow, does anyone else remember what I do? An on-line link verification would also be appreciated as well. :wink:

Check out the CFLapedia (http://www.cflapedia.com/). It shows that in 1975 and 1976, Porter had 2 and 3 pass receptions, respectively. It also has a note on Shaw's stats page that he had one rush for two yards in 1977. Not sure I would call them two-way players on these stats, though. Then again, Garney's offensive stats after 1963 until he switched to just offence aren't really that much higher.

It looks like perhaps I am guilty of FMS. If so, please excuse me.

As you were.

Well maybe about Shaw. But Porter probably came in at WR more that just those five times, so I'd give you that one.