Has Ken Miller morphed into Danny Barrett

Is Ken Miller thinking less like Kent Austin, and more like Danny Barrett, when Miller chooses to stay with an ineffective QB?

and yet last week had him on the shortest leash ever.....

and that is what baffles me too "ArcticFrontier". Even Suitor was commenting on what was the logic behind Miller's choice to stick with Bishop.

Hey after the last few games I think miller should be on short leash,I mean at half time it was the time to pull Bishop,You can not let 1 drive change mind.From now on Durant should start.He needs confidence and he should be starter.If bishop was 26 i would say stay with him he will learn,but he is 32 and been backup to long(crandell).Ya last year bishop had a good one,and he has done what needed until durant got better,comeing down the strech we need consistancy,and with guys getting better now is the time.

He is still learning too you guys. You forget he is still a CFL head coach for the first time.

Ya!! fire Ken Miller woooooo!! terrific!!! :thdn:

I am a supporter of Ken Miller. He does, however, needs to use logic when making a decision on an ineffective QB. If a QB can't score a TD in 5 drives...he is not being effective. No fault to the QB, just he's not being effective. Give the backup a chance. I'd rather give the back up a chance, and fail, rather than stick with someone who isn't getting the job done!

Ken Miller and the coaching staff have to decide why they brought Michael Bishop here in the first place. Is he our #1 starter or a fill-in while Durant hones his skills. I didn't agree with Bishop being pulled against BC and thought we would have won that game had we stayed with Bishop for the whole game. If Bishop is our #1 let him play and get in synch with our offense. There was a lot of factors other than Bishop that contributed to our loss this weekend. We better get this all figured out pretty quick as with a back to back against Calgary coming up the last thing we need is a QB controversy.