Has Getzlaf been released?

Name: 2007-10-30: Roughriders Transactions:
Roughriders Transactions

NON-ACTIVE 30-Oct-07

SSK ADD IMP Josh RANEK (RB) South Dakota State


I think the CFL just messed up....cause he was on the practice roster and is probably being moved to the active roster in place for and Import because of Ranek.

I don't think he has been released. He's still listed on the roster at the riderville official website.

Getzlaf was at practice today. He did not have a uniform on. He watched. Think they needed a spot for Ranek. Getzlaf has not practiced for a while. A week or 2. Must be injured.

Mike Washington got hurt today. Feel down after making a catch. Looked like a leg injury. They took him off field. Did not look good. Anyone hear anything?

Great. Another receiver down. hehehe. We may need to dress the Rams before the season is done. :slight_smile:

Washington is out for the season, and having knee surgery in the next 24 hours. http://www.greenzonefootball.com/node/897

That truly s.ucks about Washington.

Regarding Getzlaf, all the Riders did was move him from the 46 man roster to the practice roster.
Technically, you must release a player to do so.
And he is not as well protected from other teams if he is on the practice roster, ie., anyone can pick him off the team if they are willing to place him immediately on their roster.
But these things happen all the time, and he has not been cut.

With Ranek, they may want the option to decide at game time to play him.
The only way to make that possible was to place him on the 46 man roster. Then they can make a decision one hour before the game starts.