Has Durant gained your respect yet?

So as you may or may not know I made a thread last year after the 13’ GC win asking if Durant was elite and what not and a majority of posters (among my friends too) said that Durant was merely a by-product of a great supporting cast. Now I’m not going to kid myself, Durant was stocked last season and his stats show. But this season he was 8 TD’s to 5 INT’S and had led us to an 8-2 record before going down.

So my question is, after watching our post Banjo Bowl melt down and comparing Kerry’s 5 pick performance to Durant’s 2013 West-Semi performance (the one where he rushed for 96 yards in the second half) has Durant finally gained your respect as a legit Quarterback in the CFL and not just a “Game Manager” ?

As a disclaimer I know that the whole team was a letdown in the second half of the season but having Durant I think would’ve softended the blow to an extent perhaps even giving us the West-Semi at Mosaic. I’ve also decided to leave out the term “elite” as in my thread last year there was a lot of debate as what constitutes as “elite” that is not my question today .

Discuss and vote !

I lost a lot of respect for him today when he was crying and pouting at the beginning of the game... Sittin there on the bench all bummed out.. It was pathetic..
What kind of leader is he... He should of been over there talking to Joseph trying to calm his nerves. Then he even realized what an asshat he was being and told the camera guy ," I know... you are just doing your job"

Durant has lead his team to 3 GC appearances in 5 full seasons as a starter playing in a tough west division. He opens up the run with his qb play. Right now the top qbs are Ray then Durant. Bo Levi could be in there as well in a couple seasons

Actually, I think it's only in the province of Saskatchewan where the status of Durant is an issue. I listen Sask sports talk radio with Jamie Nye, Warren Woods, and Darren Davis, and it seems that's ALL those guys ever talk about. Durant, Durant, Durant. Most of the rest of us reckon he's a legitimate starting quarterback. Maybe not an all-time great, but generally okay as a game manager.

...this thread's intention is puzzling, because if you didn't think DD was an elite QB before Sunday's EE/SRR tilt I'm not sure what occurred in that three hour stretch to make you change your mind...

Gotta admit the Riders were a completely different team without him at the helm (especially with grandpa Joesph)

I guess the same could be said of Crompton.

so, anyhow, who exactly disrespected DD, besides disgruntled rider fans who want their QB to be perfect :wink:

No one has out right disrespected him, just wanted to get some of your thoughts on Durant and if your perception of him changed due to our collapse without him.

I thought it was a no brainer that the riders would be in trouble without him.


Or it could be the backups are terrible.

And I'm from Winnipeg, so I would know a lot about that.

There's a lot to be said for consistency as well. Durant has practiced and played with many of the players on offense for a number of years, has gotten the bulk of the work in practice, and so forth. Replacing that familiarity requires an adjustment all around and expecting a QB to come in and just perform exceptionally well just because he's a veteran is IMO expecting too much. Durant is not the most elite of QBs, though he'd be in the top half of the league, but his presence is what makes the Riders offensive unit work. Without him you get the disjointed unit that sometimes clicks, sometimes doesn't, and struggles to adjust well on the fly.

That being said, not having Durant for the stretch is not the sole reason the Riders finished the year the way they did. The revolving door at RB and spotty Oline play were a factor. Also they didn't have that big play capability with Taj Smith out and Dressler not being a factor like he can be.