Has Durant come of age?

I’m thinking he turned the corner. Yeoman effort by Darian and the ENTIRE team!!! Great job; you were jilted…no need to say who the party is!!

ask terminator about Durant, this was his best game ever!

35/45 427 Yards 2 TDs 0 Ints. Most of his incompletions were smart decisions and him throwing the ball away. He had a heck of a game against what is a very good defense. He made good decisions on when to pull the ball down and take off with it as well.

DD is showing composure well beyond his game experience.

Has a solid grasp of the game plan, and doesn't seem to get confused by Defensive schemes.

DD should see the vast majority of short yardage plays also, he offers more options and a higher % of play completions then Jyles.....Sorry Jyles lovers.

never liked the cold quarterback doing short yardage
Durant was wow
good decision making by him and offence

Durant has won me over and I do admit, I was extremely sceptical of how he would be at the start of the season (no I am not the bastard son of 'termantor').

Awesome performance by Durant and the whole offence. He has become the master of driving for a touchdown at the end of a football game. He couldn't have done any more to try to win that football game. He is our leader and QB of the present and future. I foresee a Grey Cup ring on his finger at the end of this season.

Would be nice to see a Championship!!!

nobody noway nohow can call darian a flaw on the field his talents are pure
now if in trouble he thows it away if possible
best part of his throws are tight and crisp
and a great rusher
best yet he is a leader he is calm and controled
of course the talents of our O contribute hugely to his success and play calling remember folks he doesn't call his own plays
the team as a whole is and has come together
go green go push hard to the end and myself a diehard believer thinks we can and will be at the last dance to claim the silver champagne glass in front of hank the wank in his house to whomever the team is that also gets there nough said IMO

:D :D :D

Undoubtedly...Durant is progressing and maturing into an Elite level QB with every game!
Of course he's going to have Off days, or days when the O-line just doesn't give him enough time, or days when receivers aren't getting open..it happens.
But as an ex-QB (and receiver, place kicker :wink: ), I see DD reading defences quicker, making better decisions on hot patterns or when flushed from the pocket, running when he can or throwing out of trouble when he can't run it. All in all I see a future (and not that far off either) elite level QB in Darian Durant and he deserves every chance to become our next "Lil General".
He's still basically a "Rookie" QB and just look at what he's done! His TD/Int ratio is excellent, completion % is great, running he's a serious threat, and he's got us tied for 1st in the toughest division in the West I can remember for a long time. Plus you can see his confidence grow every game, and the team's confidence in him is very obvious.

Darian is a keeper and I would Hate too see him in another team's colors because he'd be picking us apart and all the Darian haters here would be saying too themselves..."Why did we ever let him go..".
This guy is going places and AFAIC, he should be in Green & White while on the way!!