Has Duane Ford been fired ?

The guy said he had 30 articles outlined for the month of April and he's fallen off the face of the earth for 14 days now. Does not seem like him to let down his readers like that. Very weird.

Well I hope not, that would be a loss for all fans of the CFL I think even though I know some people might not be concerned.

Highly unlikely - his name and columns are still prominently featured at the TSN website. Plus I think there would have been some media coverage about it if that had happened.

In one of his most recent columns Ford was critical of the CFL draft process, so that may have generated a bunch of complaints from the overly-sensitive crowd calling for him to be "banned" due his negativity.

Or maybe just a time out, like young children get when they are bad.

What did he write?

Not sure if it was this piece he wrote. I can't read it right now:

Changes I'd like to see in the CFL Draft rules


I hope not, Duane is a big force on the telecasts and all that is the players and the league.

My supervisor sometimes makes me take time outs at work...create time to step out for a coffee.

Duane Forde has resurfaced. He tweeted the following Wednesday evening:

Duane Forde?@DuaneFordeTSN

My apologies for not posting articles as scheduled. I’ll still be posting the same articles, just grouped together rather than spread out.

Great news. :thup:

LMAO! I wonder what my customer would say if I sent them an email saying: Sorry for not shipping any of your orders for three weeks. I'll bundle them all together and ship them to you later" LOL !

Going to be interesting to see how this "grouped together" article things plays out. If he does a 1,000 word article now, will he be doing four articles of 250 words each and have them "groupled together"?

That’s a pretty lame comparison.

No it isn't. In any business if you say your going to do something you do it. Do things happen in business ? Absolutely but you don't fall the face of the earth for over two weeks. Try not calling or showing up for work for two weeks, then show up and tell your boss/clients that you have nothing done after those two weeks but you will make it up later and see what happens.

Or go buy something and expect delivery and two weeks later get a call saying, sorry we didn't deliver but we are going to drop by at some point.

He's a paid professional media guy. The draft is what he's tried to make his reputation around and he's let his readership down. He lost credibility with me anyway.

Well I'm sure Duane would be happy to refund your money that you paid him to be able to read those articles 3 weeks ago. :wink:

Well I'm sure Duane would be happy to refund your money that you paid him to be able to read those articles 3 weeks ago. ;)
I don't need Duane's money :wink:

Maybe he just went for a vacation guys relax.

If you are in the media business, you definitely don't announce that as you would in any other business or in government.