Has CFL QB ever thrown for 200 yards in their first half?

If Sinopoli catches that, he has 200 yards in his first ever half of football

Not sure, but in 94 Dunigan tossed over 700 yards.

Large chunk was in the first half.

Not sure how much, but would be a good bet.

Happens often.

. Nooooo
In their first half EVER played

. Nooooo
In their first half EVER played

It likely has happened. Gale tossed for 108 yards in about 5 minutes of the first half last week. Not outside the realm of possibility. How many did Jennings throw for in his first start last year?

I'm sure that it has occurred many times.

Then you must indicate that

I suspect Joe Zuger probably did.

Pretty sure he still holds the record for most TD passes in one game.

Oh SO SORRY :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

In their FIRST half.


In THE first half.

I must pay better attention to the wording.

This is also the first year the CFL allows communications between QB's and the Bench while the play is on. In my opinion this skews all the offensive stats of this league.

I agree, but what else were they suppose to do? 2014 was the lowest scoring season since the 70s and 2015, wasn't much better.
Piling on is a much better NFL product.

Wow! That's insane!

He does.
No one else has thrown more than 6.

Rickey Foggie threw for seven in a game.


So did Jim Van Pelt and Tobin Rote (twice).