Has Berry adapted or did Miller call the shots vs Calgary?

The game against Calgary was very exciting and somehow different from the last 3-4 games. It seems that the offense attempted to go back to their old ways on offense. It was very un-Berry like. Berry has been trying to do what he did in Winnipeg- short passes and run the ball with Fred Reid. That Offense doesn't work with our receiving core and Wes Cates is not like Fred Reid.
It seemed like a throwback to the pre-Berry days tonight. Did Miller get on the head-set and call most of the plays tonight? You gotta admit it was a very un-Berry like game plan tonight!

you can say that again. Oh wait...you did.

not nice to make fun of a persons stuttering problem :wink:

Despite Calgary probably having the best defense they made a critical mistake by not adapting to what we were doing on offense. All game long they kept vacating the safety to bring the blitz and eventually we caught on and started going deep every time they did this and more times than not it worked. The onus is still on our guys to get open, but having no over the top help certainly made the task easier and Durant, Fantuz, and Co. took them to school today.

I don't think we did anything ground breaking on offense, Berry just saw what Calgary was doing and adjusted to attack it. Chris Jones never did alter his game plan and keep the safety back to help and we just destroyed them with the deep ball.

Calgary saw a weakness probably through film in our offensive line, and decided to try and expose it through the blitz. Luckily the offensive line decided to take some pride in protecting Durant and rose to the occasion today. Durant was still hit quite a few times, but the line did enough to allow Durant to get the deep ball off.