Has Bell (TSN/CTV) given up on trying to get people to watch CFL?

The CFL tries to hide their media deals while the NFL (and other leagues) are proud to release what they get for media rights.
The figures talked about for the CFL originated from leaks not from a formal announcement.


This is similar to the reason Canadians started following the NFL.

The CFL use to blackout games in local markets when it was on free TV.

Sometimes the only games to watch on a Sunday was the NFL, especially in Southern Ontario.

Now a days you have to subscribe to TSN to watch CFL games, while the NFL is still available for free.


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........ NFL wants the CFL gone. They have the other startup leagues dominated and are still fed a steady diet of talent they missed by the CFL but in CFL-X days the spread of a game where the play was faster and more exciting than theirs scared the hell out of them. Especially when it took off in a major metro area like Baltimore.They are more than worried the CFL may again expand into their realm.
In Baltimore, it was the CFL that took over a storied NFL franchise in a probable NFL market. It had nothing to do with the actual game play or the CFL for that matter...although winning does help bring out fans.

That's what caused the CFL to lose a generation or two of fans , especially in Southern Ontario, when blackouts were common.

Not being visible and staying as a gate driven league held the league back while the NFL embraced television to expand their brand and reach around the globe.

Players' salary being payed simply from TV money is telling.


I hope no animals were harmed or used for testing on today's program?