has anyone watched a game on t.s.n via internet

i got a issue i might even need a tissue. The cats play friday nite and if i were home id be watching for sure but we leave for punta cana that day how do i go about watching the game via t.s.n. on internet there does anyone know


In your case, channelsurfing.net is a good bet. Also try justin.tv in a pinch.

For those folks in Canada on Friday, tsn.ca will carry both games of the Friday doubleheader online.

Oski Wee Wee,


Do you have a Blackberry?
If so you can download the CFL app and watch all the games free on your phone.

When I was in the U.S. i used ESPN3.COM for free.

Not sure if Punta Cana;s ISP carries that. Is tehre anyway you can find out who the ISP is?

When we were in mexico they hsd espn but no grey cup I'm no comp whiz but if I get tsn on internet there then should I not be able to watch it on the comp downthere tsn say all fri nite games will be streamed via inernet

also atdhe.net