Has anyone set up a FSN pool for CFL.CA posters?

Because that would be great way to stir the pot even more on here. All in good fun of course.

Seriously though, it would be fun to have one going just to get the competitive juices going. Anyone up for that?

I’m up for as many games as possible. I love to play.

I already have a FSN team created, so if someone creates a league, just tell me the name and I’ll send my team there.

How about “Huddlites”? for a league’s name?

I got a team to. I’m already in 2 with my buddies. Isn’t BigDave doing one for everybody?

ya BigDave does have one going…your only picking the teams that you think will win though. Your not picking players. There is another one to pick the players as well im in both of them. Who knows maybe ill get some bragging rights my first year doing it. LOL it’ll be beginners luck.

if you guys start a league, count me in please !

19 teams? You need to get a life.

Ok guys,

Here’s the deal

I’ve set up a Pick the WInners pool on FSN. It’s a private pool for us “Huddle-ites” here (great name 3rd!)

League name: Huddle-ites
Password: cfldotca

I only request 2 things of those willing or wishing to enter

  1. Try to include your Forum name in your team name somehow. That we we’ll all know who’s who.

  2. Only enter 1 team into this pool (Kanga, I’m looking at you). You have no legitimate claim at bragging rights if you’ve entered this pool more than once. Anyone entering more than one team will be taunted until my typing fingers are sore.

Let’s have some fun and if this works, I’ll set up a similar Pick 10 pool

Good to see you in the Pick the Winners pool, Supertoe.

I’ve added a Pick 10 pool as well, same info as above.

I joined both…

And I notice you are the only one, Horus!, who did not put his nickname in his team’s name.

Baaad, baaad, puppy!

I have teams in both. I can’t wait for the season (and smack) to begin!

Ya got me Third…

You’re right, I didn’t put my screen name on my team name. I added that rule (I was only going to go with the 1 team per person one) simply because I wasn’t sure if everybody had the same user name on FSN as they do here in the Forum. Simply put, I wanted a way to relate the FSN pool teams to the Forum gang here.

I hope I didn’t cause you any unnecessary confusion! :lol:

I felt betrayed and broke into tears. Ya monster!

So how exactly wil your pool work?

I joined but my team name has nothing to do with my forum name.
I figured my player name was what you reguested till I saw the other members names :oops:

Team name is CL415

Nothing really special about the pool, rule-wise. It’s just going to be a straightforward FSN pool. I just thought it would be fun to get us Forum-ites (sorry, Huddle-ites) together in a single pool.

To any others reading this…come on in, lots of room in the pool

ok i join, my team name is the Uglies :mrgreen:

I’m in. Looks like fun. Only 8 people in right now. I think there should be more. Hey Jeremy, put yout $ where your mouth is (even though it’s free). Come on R&W and cflfanforlife

Hey, I think I made it in under the wire.

Looks like the page is down, (FSN CFL page) hope I can get in before kickoff