Has anyone noticed player division on this team

Giguerre seems to be dogging it all year and not really getting m,any passes .

I sense soem resentment over that :

here are a few examples :

  1. Burris throws to a wide open Giguerre and he does not come to the ball . Burris immediately looks to the bench ( Cortez ) as if to say see what I am telling you ?

  2. Giguerre celebrates touchdown with no others celebrating with him .

We all know Cortez and Burris are in the same camp ...I am wondering about Fantuz, Giguerre, Stala and Coburne .

Fantuz looks very unhappy amd was openly complaining to teammates about Burris low pass . If they had a good relationship this would not be happening .

Cortex also seems to show zero respect to vets Coburne and Stala in reagrds to playing time etc ....
Cortez also takes no ownership at all and no accountability .

It's becoming bery obvious there are character clashes on this team ...Burris / cortez vs the rest ...

This went from an inconsistant team that could stay ina game despite being out adjusted at half time to a team that is all over the place ...Our defence cannot get pressure on the quarterback and the db's can't guard man to man and they are often out of position and out smarted .....Corninsh , Moore, Kackert, Dressler, and even rookie Winnipeg QB shoudl all send their game film against the ticats to the NFL to see if they can get a shot down there

I think Burris has some talent left but not enough to lead a team with no defence and poor overall schemes and discipline an d coaching

i suggest a change to be made :

  1. Get rid of CREEHAN ...There have been no signs of hope and i don't think jamal and rey got this bad overnight .
  2. Bring in as many NFL cuts for db's and dline and see what they can do the rest of the year
  3. I'd say get rid of Cortez but we can't because we signed such a long contract but i do say bring in lapolice to be offensive co-ordinator ..
  4. I am not sure who to bring in as defensive co-ordinator but someone with experience like the guy that ran the argos for so many years ....and old vet

5 Get the ball to Fantuz and Stala and Giguere more

When Cortez was hired a former player who had played under Cortez told my brother and me that he was a brutal coach who treated his players like garbage and had a "know it it all," attitude. To be fair I do not know Mr. Cortez nor obviously are in the room but this player said the Ticats would be brutal with Cortez so I can certainly see where there might be an issue or two.

Very interesting. There are definite signs of that aspect of his personality coming out. But this is now all hindsight because when he was signed we all believed the hype and had great anticipation due to his experience and previous success as a co-ordinator and QB coach. But then again the captain of the Titanic was also very experienced.

I hate this type of speculating.. unless I hear this type of thing from someone that's been IN the lockerroom, or had personal chats with current players... its grasping at straws...

Its such an easy accusation to make, with absolutely no basis to back it up

Had to laugh at this comment. Thanks for the chuckle

Don't know about the coaching situation and any division on the team but one thing is for sure. The players love to get their paychecks irrespective of their performance on the field. I see very little effort from most of the players.

Not sure about any divisions, but some facial expressions from Burris and Fantuz were quite stark and telling, not to mention the the pathetic play indicating that the team quit and pretty much gave up.

You'll never hear it from the players. In fact I've noticed once players have been released they'll mention it or it will come out in the media soon after. So I believe this speculation. Especially when most of the evidence I've seen supports it.

Has anyone noticed? I'm pretty sure Giguere has.

I didn't buy into the hype at the time and still don't.

I was in favour of retaining coach Marcel B. I thought he did a good job and had the respect of the team. I think it was a mistake to fire him. Some people here (I can't remember who) took me to task for saying that at the time, and told me that since most everyone else was in favour of firing him, I should get on board and shouldn't say I was against it.

This season's results to date have done nothing to change my mind. Of course I didn't know anything about the "know it all" aspect of George C's personality, though that does seem to come through in some of his public comments in interviews, and not in a way that makes him look like an upgrade.

Marcel B was criticized for not saying enough in interviews beyond banalities. George C doesn't say much of greater substance in my view... he just says it more abrasively. Marcel B was castigated for not chewing out players on the sideline for mistakes, and this was taken to indicate he enforced no accountability. George C chews them out on the sidelines, but the accountability doesn't seem to be there in any greater degree than it was previously. There's one significant difference though.... George has control of the roster in a way that Marcel did not... so if he wants accountability he doesn't have to look elsewhere to apply it... the mirror will do nicely.

I don't know if there is dissension on the team or not. I hope not, and I agree with the point that it should be based on more than hearsay, but after the record to date and in the face of high expectations for the season, I would not be surprised if there is. Hell, there ought to be at this point!

I don't think that a long lifetime career as an assistant coach at every level from high school to the NFL means you'll be a great CFL head coach. Oddly enough, we've had more success from our Canadian CIS head coaching experience HC's (Marshall and Bellefeuille) than we have had from our NCAA experienced American ones (Taaffe and Cortez).)

I'm not saying George is a poor head coach or should be fired. I don't know enough about it to say that. I hope he does well and turns it around soon. But so far the new regime does not seem to have a good handle on what it takes to generate success in the CFL consistently. I don't see us making the playoffs at this point, so the hype (about the new coach and about some of the gaudy player signings) has been little more than that. Maybe the problem is further upstairs, in Obie's office or Scott Mitchell's, but to my eye, we've regressed badly from this point a year ago.