Has anyone noticed how every Bomber game...

has been in the rain? No matter where they are, at home or on the road I honestly can not think of one game where there was no rain. It's almost unbelievable!

Anyway this isn't really anything important, just something odd I noticed.

August 1st against the Argos?

Sorry...I forgot again...

I don't remember the Esk/Bomber game beening in the rain.


Staying off in this off-topic, I noticed that it rains only once a year in Alouettes home games. The sun shines for all other nine game (incl. pre-season). And when it rains, its always at the end of september or the beginning of october. Never during summer.

Actually, it did rain on that day as well. They closed the roof during the 1st half and reopened it during the 4th quarter due to rain.

LAbour day classic, was rain free

That's why I put it as a question! Thanks, Horus.

Ha ha ha what was the nespaper cartoon with the guy that walks around with a rian cloud over his head. I think his name was Joe Flemming! Ya no doubt I have said all along that the Bomber fans are there in droves regardless of weather conditions good on you guys. But tell me you are not going to b1tch about the weather now are you.

1st game of the season, Bombers at Saskatchewan. It was delayed 1/2 hour but once the game started it was beautiful. Labour day was great weather too.

Go Riders!!

Blue Dragon.....Fear not! When Winnipeg comes to Vancouver, it will be dry in the dome! LOL

When the Bombers visted Calgary it wasn't raining. I don't think it was raining when we visted Winnipeg too, could be wrong on that one.

There is a perpetual dark cloud over the bombers this season......